Because a commenter on The Mary Sue (LizRiata) is having a grand old time calling me a liar in public, here are some formerly private DM’s between me and the perfectly lovely ladies at Black Girl Nerds as we discussed me coming onto their podcast last month and then when that didn’t work out, us doing an interview.

Subsequent to this conversation, just last week, I WAS contacted directly via email for an interview which I happily agreed to. I did the interview via email, provided many images, and I hope it will go up sometime in the near future.

Here are the DM’s.

UPDATED TO ADD: I have, since first posting this, talked with BGN and they are fine with me posting the DMs and since that’s the case, I’m going to go ahead and leave this post up permanently. Also, I have learned that the Jem interview we did will be going up on BGN March 4th (woo!). AND I notice that LizRiata has turned into “Guest” in our discussion on The Mary Sue and it looks like maybe she has deleted her Discus profile entirely. She could have just apologized. I would have accepted a public apology. And, UPDATE 2: Here’s that interview!


Black Nerd Girls DM 2


Ah. We live in such a fun age. /sarcasm.

Been a while since I did these. But I’ll be CRAZY biased next year thanks to my work on IDW’s JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS with Ross Campbell so I figured I should get in a final year. I did a comprehensive “Best of 2014” over on CSBG for this week’s SHE HAS NO HEAD! and this is simply an extension of that piece.

As always, you can see my biases in my choices. Title integration is important to me (which is why I’m only showing cover art with the titles on it), so are interesting compositions and great use of positive/negative space. I also tend to love bold colors (and a lot of white is a personal favorite) as well as simple, graphic, iconic images. Creativity is obviously key, but a lot of what makes a cover work for someone is just gut – how it makes you feel – and that it DOES make you feel. All these covers make me feel to some degree or another. This list is also only single issue comics – usually US since that’s what I have access to (no graphic novels or trade covers were considered for the list). As always I’m never quite sure if I got the order right, but it is what it is!

Here we go, counting down from 52 – one for each week of 2014.


051 amazing_spider_man_1_cover - marcos martin


050 All New Ultimates 5


049 Adventure Time 24a - Mike Holmes


048 Lumberjanes 8 - Noelle Stevenson


047 Uncanny X-Men 17

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Jem Issue 1 Cover w Logos- IDWI hope you don’t get your “Kelly Thompson” news from this blog which I have become just terrible at updating…if so you’re getting this COMPLETELY AWESOME news nearly a month late. But better late than never, yes?

So, I am indeed writing the new IDW comic book JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, that launches in March (March 18th specifically).

Even better news, the absolutely phenomenal Ross Campbell (and also my good friend) will be doing the book with me – covers and interiors. This is an ongoing book and Ross will be with  me for the first arc. And if the book is the big success we expect it to be, he’ll be back for the 3rd arc as well. So buy buy buy so we can do more more more!

The above image is the first cover to the first issue by Ross Campbell. Here we also have art for the four “classic Jem” covers by Amy Mebberson and the subscription cover by Sara Richard – all for issue #1

Jem MebbersonAnd THIS is the sparkly PREVIEWS cover that has Ross’s cover art on the back cover (and includes SPARKLY TEXT…it’s amazing) which is out this week. Previews has all the details on the special variants (you can even get a box set) and the necessary codes to give to your shop.

Jem Previews for March

You can’t really see the sparkles in my crappy photo, but I assure you they are there, and they are magnificent.

IMG_1395We’ve also had some great interviews and articles go up: two pieces on io9, and at The Extraordinary League of Cosplay, as well as our first (of several forthcoming) podcast interviews – on my very own 3 Chicks Review Comics, Comics Alliance, The Mary Sue, Comics Alliance, The Mary Sue, CBR, Newsarama, The Nerdist, Bleeding Cool, and of course IDW Publishing.

And THIS is your look at cover #2 featuring Ross Campbell’s redesigned MISFITS. So cool.

JEM-02-cover art - misfitsAlso, if you’ve been missing out on all this awesomeness…your best options are to follow me on twitter (@79Semifinalist) and/or on my tumblr (1979 Semi-Finalist) which are more regularly updated these days than the blog!

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6cf30a9a9dd958f0f280f6ee5d039269_largeOkay, the big Storykiller Holiday Sale is now live. If you’ve been wanting to pick up a limited edition illustrated hardcover copy of the book for yourself or for a loved one for the holidays, now is the best possible time. Prints, swag, and postcard books are also all on sale – everything at its lowest price (ever) and the closest prices to the original Kickstarter campaign. Run don’t walk and all that nonsense!




Everything is on sale at the Storykiller store. Signed and numbered hardcovers, swag, postcard books, and even prints! Get your orders in now!

4 Day Sale Image

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Hey Everyone

Thanks for all the entries on The Big Storykiller Giveaway. Here are your winners!

First Prize/Grand Prize Winner is XAVIER BOLANOS

Our Four Runners up are: Rachel Atwood, Kevin Rushing, Lawrence Bryant, and Liz Brandow!

You should all have gotten emails from me, asking you to submit your addresses so you can receive your prizes. If you have not gotten an email (and have checked your spam/junk folder) give me a shout.

Thanks again, everyone!

Sk Cover Shot

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Storykiller Deluxe packageWant to win everything you see above plus a few limited edition signed prints? You’re in the right place – keep reading!


FIRST PRIZE (worth $275.00) includes the following: a limited edition signed and hand numbered copy of the hardcover illustrated edition which also includes a sketch by yours truly. Also a limited edition signed and numbered postcard book, a Tessa Battle round acrylic magnet, a Tessa Battle double sided acrylic keychain, a Fight Your Fiction magnet, 4 oversized postcards, 5 bookmarks, a mini-tote, a full size tote, the super secret sealed green envelope, stickers, AND three signed 13×19 prints – one by Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith artist Rebekah Isaacs, one by Ms Marvel and Necropolis artist Jake Wyatt, and one by Spera and the forthcoming Storykiller Novella artist Kyla Vanderklugt.

SK prints giveaway

Signed and numbered prints by: Rebekah Isaacs, Jake Wyatt, and Kyla Vanderklugt

FOUR RUNNERS UP will get the “almost deluxe package” (worth $100.00) which includes everything above EXCEPT the three prints and will include only one postcard, one bookmark, and no stickers (we’re running seriously low on all of those!)

Unfortunately we have to limit this to US shipping only, which means if you’re outside the US you CAN enter, but only if you have a location in US where your package can be sent/received. Sorry guys, but the international shipping costs are just really prohibitive.

Here’s how it works…

You get 1 POINT for each of the following categories:

#1. READ THE BOOK! – prove it by answering the five questions at the bottom of this post.

#2. REVIEW THE BOOK ON AMAZON, GOODREADS, or B&N! – prove it by screencapping or linking to your review. Reviews do not have to be positive, but if you didn’t like the book…why do you want to win this contest? Look inside yourself, grasshopper!

#3. PROMOTE THE BOOK! – prove it by screencapping or linking to your promotion of the book. Acceptable places to promote? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs, Instagram and similar. If you are not sure the place you’d like to promote qualifies, just ask in the comments!

#4. GET OTHERS TO READ! – prove it by sending in screencaps (or something similar) of your friends’ purchase of STORYKILLER. Eligible places for purchase include: Amazon paperbacks or digital purchases, Lulu or B&N paperback purchases, or hardcovers via the Storykiller website. You get 1 point for EACH verified reader.

#5. FAN ART – prove it by sending in STORYKILLER fan art that can be posted on the website/blog/tumblr/etc. Only one fan art piece per entrant.

Every points gets your name entered into the contest once. So if KellyA just reads the book and answers the questions correctly in her email then she gets one entry into the contest. If KellyB does EVERYTHING above she can get 4 entries into the contest plus an extra entry for every verified reader. Easy peasy.

Names will go into a blind drawing. First name drawn is the first prize winner, following four names are the runners up.

EMAIL ENTRIES directly to me at:

Feel free to send more than one email. If you’d like to answer the questions now for example so you have one entry in, but want to do fan art (or something else) for later. That’s fine.

And you can ask questions in the comments below or via email.

We’re going to run this contest for two weeks to give people that have not yet read the book a chance to do so. CONTEST CLOSES AT 11:59pm (EST) ON THURSDAY 8/21, winners are announced here on Friday 8/22.


1. What’s the name of Tessa’s primary weapon? French or English accepted!

2. Who does Fenris take Tessa (and Robin) to see in the woods?

3. What does Micah always carry with her? (hint: it’s not Jeff)

4. Who is Tessa’s first kill?

5. What is the name of either Detective Wade’s partner or her police captain?

Alright, any questions in the comments and spread the word around, the first rule of Storykiller is that talking about Storykiller GETS YOU MORE POINTS. :)

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Bonnie and Lola by Stephanie Hans

For any of you that may have missed it, we had some big news break this week – that The Girl Who Would Be King has been optioned to become a film!

Head on over to io9 to read all the details.

And if you’re interested in writing process and such, there’s a bit of a “spin off” piece on io9 that piggybacks off of one of my comments from the main piece. That’s here.

Of course we’re all sold out of limited edition hardbacks, but you can buy paperbacks and digital editions of TGWWBK on Amazon and B&N and digital only on iBooks.

Also, if you missed out on Storykiller, we still have limited edition signed/numbered hardbacks of those at the webstore and of course digital and paperback at Amazon. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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Sue and I have gotten a ton of questions over the last few months about when 3 Chicks will be back, and for those that suspected its demise, requests for Sue and I to revive 3 Chicks.

So we are indeed trying to revive it!

I return to NYC this month after a long stint away due to my Kickstarter fulfillment and Sue and I have been “making plans” — talking about creators we’d like to interview, rotating guest hosts we’d like to join us, and some small format changes that I think you’ll all enjoy. We even have a GORGEOUS new logo courtesy of the wonderful Caanan Grall:

3 Chicks Logo 2 - BlueHowever, to get us all the way back up and running, we will need YOUR help. Yes, YOU can help resuscitate 3 Chicks.

We’ve changed podcast hosting services from Podomatic, (which I was very frustrated with) over to Podbean. But to get us up and running there, we need about $250 for hosting services (this should cover a year). I have been paying for 3 Chicks since inception and it’s cost me, well, WAY more than $250 per year, but unfortunately as a freelance writer I’m just not in a position to cover that anymore. And this is what it will take to get us back up and running and hopefully better than ever.So if you guys want 3 Chicks back, show your love and throw some bucks our way.

There’s a handy little donate button right over to your left. Click it and you can donate any amount you like toward getting 3 Chicks back up and running.If we can get the funds, expect the first new episode later this month!

Thanks as always for your support and here’s to 3 Chicks 4EVA! 😉

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Sk Cover ShotIf you missed out on the STORYKILLER Kickstarter, the webstore is OFFICIALLY OPEN, where you can pick up the remaining copies of the Limited Edition Illustrated Hardcover (signed and numbered x/1300).

SK Cover 9

SK Photo Interior 3

The hardcovers have a red foil stamped title cover and spine, 32 pages of full color illustrations by 21 incredible comic book artists, and a 25 page behind the scenes section that includes writer process pages, artist process pages, and deleted scenes from the book as well as a sewn in black satin bookmark.

On the website you can also buy all sorts of swag like totebags, magnets, and keychains, as well as limited edition prints and the limited edition postcard books (limited to 200 and each book signed and numbered):

Postcard book 1SK Postcard Book 4Anyway, time to get your shop on, kids! Go forth and spend, spend, spend!



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