anis mojgani is a superhero

okay, it is so great that i am opening my blog with this.  i cannot think of a more positive or inspiring thing then to open things up with a post about Anis, the fact that i am shamelessly plugging him should be ignored.  i’ve been holding onto a book review i recently wrote because i didn’t want such a negative post to be the first thing i launched out there into the universe, so it is fitting that instead it should be about Anis…onto shameless plug:

Anis is competing on famecast (stage 9) for the slam poetry finals.  it is down to the top 10 and voting for the top 5 finalists ends tomorrow at noon (wednesday 7/18/07).  there are some really talented slam poets in the top 10 right now, one in particular i really think has a great piece posted, but with not disrespect intended to any of those fine artists, Anis blows them out of the water.  Anis has a quality and style and a perspective and opinion that just sings.  the world opens up when you really listen to what Anis has to say and it seems like the whole world can just be a better place than it is right now.  more important than that, listening to Anis makes ME want to be a better person…a better artist…just better.

i once said that ‘Anis is the catalyst for every artist’.  this was my best and most accurate statement in life thus far (seriously).  there is something about Anis that when you come into contact with him and with his work, you just want to go out and conquer the world in the name of all things good, possibly while riding a pony.  okay, maybe that last bit is just me.

so let Anis inspire you today…register at famecast…it takes only two minutes…and then listen to his new piece “Here Am I” and vote for Anis.  tomorrow (wednesday 7/18/o7) is the last day to vote, so don’t drag your damn feet!

last i checked, with the votes he has he will not make it to the top 5 – he needs to make it to the top 5 – there is no way this is even a legitimate competition if he doesn’t make the top 5 – so let’s make it happen.

if you have already voted in a previous round it is even easier to vote again, because you don’t have to re-register – just log-in and vote.

here is a link directly to the slamp poetry stage (stage 9):

here is a link for registration and voting:

thanks everyone, you won’t regret it!


  1. kfugrip’s avatar

    Fixed now! Good first post. Anis is the man and a good influence on the rest of the blog. Now fire away with the negative! 😉

  2. thejamminjabber’s avatar

    I don’t know anything about poetry, but wow…

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