i tried real hard to think of a fun title for this post, but it was just not coming.  my favorite was “damages schmamages” but that sounded like i didn’t like the show, which is untrue, so i had to go for boring old “damages”.

so this is a good show.  it is beautifully shot and has really invested some time (and money) in great actors.  Glenn Close is riviting and as my boyfriend says, “you can see her make very good choices”, which is true, she is magnetic to watch and has given her Patty Hewes a depth in only a few episodes that many characters never achieve.  Ted Danson has never been better.  Rose Byrne is not a favorite actress of mine, she always seems to have the same concerned/worried look on her face (in every SINGLE shot) but she holds her own here.  the plot/story is truly interesting and it winds and turns in a beautiful and well planned out way.  i definitely don’t have the answer to the mysteries that are coming our way, and every episode has surprised me at least once.  there are great creative writers and directors working on this project – people who have been involved with very good shows in the past (The Sopranos to name one) and it shows.  Tate Donovan and Zeljko Ivanek both turn in nice supporting performances as well, particularly Ivanek.

i have to admit a bit of bias as my boyfriend works on this show, however he’s worked on a lot of shows and movies in the past and i usually hate them all (except the upcoming We Own The Night, which has potential, and also has two guys from my top 10 list – Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg) but this show is just good. 

[episode #2 spoiler below] 

i am three episodes in and very intrigued.  i think they made a few casting mistakes though, the actress who plays Katie is annoying and whiny.  i am just not invested in her and can’t sympathize with her in the least (perhaps this was the creators goal? could be).  also, the fiance of main character Rose Byrne, David, is a bit of a miscast as well.  it’s not that i don’t like him, just that he doesn’t quite seem to fit the type they want him to be.  who knows though, maybe he’ll grow on me (i hope not too much, since it is obvious from episode two that he’s dead in 6 months/by the end of the season). 

anyway, if you haven’t checked it out you should – Tuesdays 10pm on FX.  plus, it seems to be playing in encore format about 24 hours a day, so it shouldn’t be hard to squeeze it in at some point.  also, while i’d recommend seeing it from the beginning and i expect that doing so will give you a better shot at piecing things together, i don’t think it’s a necessity. if you read up on the first couple episodes i don’t think it would be too difficult to catch up at this point.


here’s the trailer for We Own The Night as well:  http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809425430/video/3558370/