damages…back on track.

a solid episode last night.  blissfully absent of the annoying whiny Katie character (sans about 10 minutes – which was all that was tolerable).  nice little chunks of information are immerging and i’m interested.  we got some much needed relationship stuff between Ellen and David and some great development for both Tom and the Tom and Patty relationship.  i could have done without the ridiculous scene at the restaurant with Tom and his wife and his friend and friend’s girlfriend.  in my experience real adults rarely behave that way in an upscale restaurant, regardless of how much they’ve had to drink or what they are celebrating.  it was a bit absurd.  otherwise a strong episode. 

if you are trying to catch up or have decided to start watching the show (surely based on my brilliant coverage), they are showing a marathon on Labor Day weekend – September 3rd, starting @ 3pm on FX, the marathon will be followed by a new episode the following night at the regular time – Tuesday, September 4th @ 10pm (there is no new episode next week).