i am more than a little bit happier with this book

so i get it now.

all the hype about Tao Lin.

i just finished #28 – You Are A Little Bit Happier Than I Am. Tao Lin. Poetry Collection. 3.5 stars

this poetry is powerful and unique stuff. he writes in a very distinctive voice (much like his novel Eeeee Eeee Eee) but it worked powerfully for me here, where in his novel i had trouble connecting, here the beautiful language was enough and i didn’t feel let down for not being able to connect, that didn’t seem to be the point. perhaps that isn’t the point for Lin in his novel either, but unfortunately it is something i do look for. i’ll have to try a short fiction collection of Lin’s next and see if that works for me as his poetry did.

other than reading (or hearing) my friend Anis Mojgani’s work i don’t think i’ve been as satisfied with a poetic voice as i was with Lin’s since i first discovered Bukowski. not that i am comparing them, they couldn’t be more different except for in their power. a few favorites from You Are A Little Bit Happier Than I Am: Some of My Happiest Moments In Life Occur On AOL Instant Messenger; Things I Wanted To Do Today; I Want To Start A Band; Pessimism? Or Robotics?; It’ll Get Different; I Honestly Do Not Know Who This Poem Is Directed At But I Still Somehow Wrote It With Conviction; and Things You Have Emailed Me.

if you like poetry, or feel like trying some out, i would highly recommend Lin’s book. interesting stuff.