Damages is rocking the house…

This show is so damn good.  There have been small missteps in this series, but nothing deadly, and lately it has just been rocketing forward to the inevitable (yet still surprising) conclusion(s). 

[Mild Spoilers]

Ellen has completely stepped up and watching her tell off Patty last night was AWESOME.  She has really come into her own and I hope that (since I believe the show has been renewed) she will be around for next season, because she has really grown on me.  A perfect example of a well developed character that is being carefully created and well performed sneaking up on you until you realize you are really pulling for her. 

We’ve left the weak characters and actors (Katie and Greg) behind and are focusing on only the heavy hitters these days and it is working, the whole episode was full of awesome plot developments and strong performances, starting with Frobisher, who remains fascinating to watch, and I can somehow enjoy him, while having not one ounce of pity for him when he is served divorce papers (he was fucking his deposition coach on his lawyer’s desk last week, he deserves divorce papers).  Ray (Frobisher’s lawyer) remains interesting and exceptionally performed, wearing his worries on his face beautifully.  Tom looks like he is playing both sides (as always) which is better than I thought last week when I was assuming that he was trying to screw Ellen for sure.  Patty remains the most fascinating character on the show, in part due to Close’s brilliant portrayal and I’m just dying to see how this is all going to shake out.  A spot of blood on her shoe last night did not look like good news for her.   

Can’t wait for this to all shake out, but I’ll be disappointed because it’s the best show on tv right now.