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I know, it doesn’t really make sense, but I guess I thought when I got my head together, the rest would follow.  Now, arguably my head is not together just because I’ve been in therapy for a year, but it’s better.  Actually, I’m not really sure it’s better…no fault of the therapist, or me really, 2007 was just a really hard year, and you can’t expect to get better or “together” when all you’re doing is surviving.  Regardless, I continue to hold on to the possibly erroneous belief that getting my head together will be the first step to making the body come along in the direction I want it to.  It would be great if it could start coming along before I go to Hawaii in July…how about that body?  C’mon! 

Sidenote: I think I’m getting sick (again).  Adam has been sick since Saturday night and I’ve been taking care of him.  I thought I dodged it with clever handwashing and taking vitamins and such, but my throat hurts this morning, so all that damn hand washing may have been for naught.  Anyway, I’ve already got a comic scanned and ready for tomorrow, but I haven’t done Friday’s yet, so we may have the first ever Rabid Lamb Comic interruption if I get hit with this thing.  Maybe it would be best if you all mentally prepare yourselves now…I know your day just won’t be right without a morning comic from Rabid Lamb…  :)

Shoutout:  A special shoutout/thank you to Josh, who has been helping both Adam and I whore out our blogs.  The line of widgets you see on the bottom of some of these posts is my blatant attempt to get more traffic…and it’s all thanks to Josh.  Thanks Josh!


  1. kfugrip’s avatar

    No! Don’t get sick. I’m sending you “health thoughts” right now.

  2. thejamminjabber’s avatar

    Don’t thank me too soon. That eyesore hasn’t brought hit one. Plus, I am learning the hard way that many of these social bookmarking sites frown upon using them solely to pimp your blog. I am now permanently banned from submitting links to Fark.com, which was beginning to look like my bread and butter. I think I’m giving up on my quest for traffic. It used to be about the writing.

  3. theyetiinside’s avatar

    Just drink a lot of water. I hear that helps….

  4. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I think you should label this with a “comicwhore” tag.

    As for therapy, well, it didn’t really help my wife and I when we went. What seemed to help the most is the fact that we both admitted we needed to go. Once we got past that, we talked about the problems and went from there.

    Individual therapy frankly scares me shit-less. I would need a therapist like Monk’s that would put up with all my eccentricities and I would need to be able to trust them implicitly. Since I tend to be paranoid and don’t like to trust strangers, I don’t see that kind of trust being established.

    So, kudos to you for getting help. You seem pretty together here, but we’re all a bit different online than in person.

    Hope you (and Adam) feel better.

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Adam: I’m not much worse, if any, so that is a really good sign.

    jamminjabber: Ouch. Banned. Because of the web whoring? Being banned from something is kind of a horrifying thought. I don’t even know what Fark.com is but it can’t be good to be banned. It sounds best to get back to basics I guess…the writing was it? 😉

    Scott: Very funny. Am I famous now that people are self referencing previous comics in my comments section? I must be!

    TK42ONE: Comicwhore. Got it. And done. Couples therapy helped Adam and I tremendously, I’m not positive we would have made it without it, and if we could afford it we both agree we’d still be going, even though the brunt of the storm appears to have passed.

    I do appear pretty together here…and I appear pretty together in real life…hence the need for therapy, nobody is THAT together, I tend to handle whatever I need to handle and move on…but nothing is that easy and buried shit always comes back, no matter how together you appear to the masses in life (or online). I think almost everyone needs therapy. It’s just another part of the body right? One of the most important parts really. If you break your leg you go to the doctor right? If you break your brain you should go the doctor too…and most of us have broken our brain at some point or another whether we want to admit it or not. :)

    Paranoid and untrusting of strangers? Sounds like you’re ready for your first session. As for worrying that they won’t put up with your quirks…trust me, there are always people crazier than you/me/whoever… just like there’s always someone more beautiful, or more smart, there’s also someone more crazy. :)

  6. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    I would also say, TK42ONE, anything that scares you shitless but won’t kill you…should probably be attempted (that said I’m not about to go swim with crocodiles or sharks or any number of other things that are not fatal that scare me) so I’m not trying to hassle you, just a little advice from someone “pro-therapy”.

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