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Yes, this would be Flawless (see previous “review”). 

Man, what the hell was Demi Moore thinking with that accent?  Just terrible.  The thing I really can’t figure about this movie is how anyone –  producers, writers, directors, even actors, thought this was actually going to be an intriguing mystery.  It’s a period piece heist movie…and let’s just face it, a heist movie these days is only as good as its obstacles…of which there weren’t that many in 1960’s London.  I mean if it had been brilliantly done it could have been really interesting as a historical look at how early heist pioneers paved the way for modern day heisters (word? I think not), but since it is poorly done, it’s more like watching paint dry than watching a heist movie. 

I should also go on record here as saying that I’m not a super fan of the escalating measures we have to take our heist movies to (i.e. I thought Ocean’s Eleven was a decent film, almost despite the ridiculous hoops our criminals/heroes have to jump through; but I find most heist movies today annoying with absolutely ridiculous hoops that have a suspension of belief not unlike seeing Clark Kent in glasses and not knowing that he’s Superman…which I’ve always found annoying).  So I support what this film was TRYING to do, but it just failed miserably.  Too bad.


  1. Paul’s avatar

    Haven’t heard of this film (I’m sure you’re not surprised! :P). But I don’t really like Demi Moore. Something about her…but yeah, too bad you were stuck on a plane. That’s when I bust out my Nintendo DS!!!

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Paul: I am not surprised…but you’re better off. It was terrible. My Nintendo DS battery was low :(

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