#187 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics

I have to pretend I hate Strawberry Tall Head so that they will give up and stick with that one, but to be honest, I think it’s a pretty hilarious name…and they could have been much much more cruel had they wanted to. 

Big mistake though, never tell your co-workers ANYTHING is apparently the rule I should garner from this.


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Unh! Babe! Or maybe “Redhot Kelly.” Or “Machine Gun Kelly.” Or maybe just hold a contest!

    I would have thought you learned that from my you-know-what experience. Never mix you-know-what and your personal life. Some people just don’t have the thick skin they should.

  2. kfugrip’s avatar

    Worse is that you almost told them the actual name, which would have been disastrous. Strawberry Tall Head.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    TK42ONE: I like Machine Gun Kelly…MGK…maybe I’ll try and sneak that one in. My work life is definitely very different than what you have to deal with, and everything there in regards to joking is all in fun as we all really care about eachother, but they are boys that I work with and they definitely don’t know when to let up on a joke…so we’ll see.

    Adam: Yes, that would have been a SERIOUS misjudgement. You very brilliantly saved me from that mistake.

  4. Paul’s avatar

    Strawberry Tall Head! It makes me think of Chief Running Bull for some reason. Must be the rhythm of the beast. Either way, consider this and “Unh!” to be your infamous contributions to the world of words. 😛

  5. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Great Moments in Word History!

    I’m with Paul, Strawberry Tall Head. You’ve got “Unh!,” Paul has “foodwhore,” and I have, well, nothing yet. But give it time.

  6. Holly’s avatar

    I like that, and your coworkers are nicer than mine.

    I just KNOW mine call me “bitchface,” but not necessarily to my face.

  7. Mike’s avatar

    Bitchface. Nice. Its actually pretty funny because of how petty it is. Kinda like Gas-face, only much, much worse.

    One day Ill tell the story of Adam and a girl nicknamed “F.”.

  8. Mike’s avatar

    And knowing Adam it would be an absurd combination of names like “Sweetbabybitchbacksuckytitlips”.

  9. Paul’s avatar

    TK: I think you can claim UFO, personally, as an original term.

  10. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Yeah, I guess UFO could be considered a contribution.

  11. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Paul: Sadly, I doubt I can actually take credit for Strawberry Tall Head – but Unn! is ALL MINE!

    TK42ONE: Don’t worry you’ll come up with something…and it will probably be even better than Foodwhore or Unn!…which is impressive…!

    Holly: Oh I’m sure they have some names for me behind my back that I’ll never know. Though they are pretty nice guys. Ususally.

    Mike: Adam told me the story of the girl named “F”. Fucking hilarious. That is quality comedy. Sometimes he’s like a genius, yeah?

    Paul/TK42ONE: UFO? Did I miss something? What’s the “definition”?

  12. Paul’s avatar

    Ah, TK blogs about Unidentified Family Objects (UFOs) over here: http://unidentifiedfamilyobjects.blogspot.com/

    Always interesting stuff in there…

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