#188 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics

Oy.  The good news is, this event caused me to solve the age old problem I’ve been whining about over here on 1979 Semi-Finalist…namely, why is it kind of sometimes good, but mostly horrible when people give you nice compliments in public?  (Unn!)

Well, at least for me, the answer is, if it’s a stranger, who I will likely never see again, whether it be pedestrian, construction worker, truck driver, etc., that compliments me (or yells UNN!) then I’m mostly okay with it.  It may be uncomfortable for a brief moment, but it’s fairly painless and I am generally left with a nice warm fuzzy feeling or ego boost.  However, when it is someone you have to see frequently, a guy who runs a comic book store, a clerk of a store you frequent, a construction worker you are going to have to walk past on your way to work for six months, or a cabbie you are trapped with for 20 minutes, then it’s just plain uncomfortable.  You can’t help but realize that you are maybe going to have to deal with something like this everytime you see this person, and while you can elegantly (or casually) come up with a way out of or around one compliment, how do you elegantly get through 20 or 50 compliments…it becomes a whole other thing.

And in the comic above, this is exactly what happened.  This very nice older gentleman that either works, or owns, or just loves to constantly hang out in the comic book store around the corner from my house complimented me like three weeks ago when I went in to pick up some books before I left for Hawaii.  I kind of blew it off and forgot, but I went in this week and it happened again, and the way he left it made me feel like it is going to happen everytime I go in there.  Which makes me never want to go in there again.  Which is pretty freaking inconvenient.  It’s not a great comic book shop, but it’s the only place I can easily pick up new weekly comics.  Curses!


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I’m too much of a wuss to openly say something. I’d just stare, leer, oogle, and mentally undress hot girls.

    So which is more uncomfortable? Somebody saying something? Or just staring?

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    TK42ONE: I think what we’ve learned from this, is that if you are a stranger, unlikely to see the woman ever again, leer and compliment away (I’ll probably be killed for encouraging that) but if it’s a woman you see every morning on her way to work, or at the grocery store every wednesday or whatever, then leave her the hell alone :)

  3. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Gotcha. I’ll do my best not to leer.

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