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Yeah, I’m WAY into it. That swimming relay last night was absolutely unbelievable. I hate to admit that it was made even more sweet by the reports/rumors of the French team talking a lot of shit.

I’m not really a believer in talking shit (unless it is completely in jest for comedic effect). I come more from the “just do it, or just shut up” school of thought. Talking shit just makes you look like a moron when you can’t deliver, and man does it make losing even less fun.

I’m not the most patriotic of souls, especially these days, but watching those boys, especially Phelps (of course) celebrate their win was completely awe inspiring. I can’t imagine how amazing that must feel. This blog isn’t called “semi-finalist” for nothing…it’s hard to even be a finalist, let alone get the gold. Good for them.


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    You just watch it for the sport, right? Not the Speedos?

    And I’m with you on the whole Olympic fandom thing. And what’s up with all the swimming, volleyball, swimming, volleyball, oh wait, there’s volleyball, and swimming. DirecTV has some extra channels covering the games but I would have thought I’d be able to see something exciting. Like fencing. Or table tennis. I can’t wait for the track and field to start.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    I’m not into speedos, but I must say, the male swimming form is pretty godlike. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Phelps in particular. What an excellent speciman of mankind. It’s sad that for the women, swimming creates a totally NOT ideal physique. What a rip off.

    Yeah, I’m all about the swimming so I’m pretty happy, but I’m with you that I could do without the constant volleyball. I’m not so into the boxing, which I’ve seen on a few times, I did see the women’s fencing though – it was one of the first events I saw and the women’s individual at least is already over (three American women took bronze, silver, and gold – pretty cool). I could do without table tennis, but I’m excited for gymnastics – the men’s semi-finals were on a bit and were AWESOME. Track and field will probably be almost as good as swimming so I’m excited for that as well. I don’t know how I’m going to have time for any of it though…

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