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That’s right, I’m pretty anti-plan. After trying all sorts of things in my relatively short life this far (everything from weight watchers to slim fast to south beach) I’m a pretty firm believer that none of this works. Life is about balance and if you don’t figure it out without a trick of some kind, you’re likely to fall right back into the same bad habits eventually. I know I did. Multiple times. The “diets don’t work, weight watchers does” is a pretty brilliant marketing strategy, and a lot of people claim it works for them (talk to me in five years) but in the end I am angrier at WW than I am at any of the other plans, because ultimately I feel it’s being even more dishonest.

Okay, no more talk about this, it’s depressing me, even though I’m the one that brought it up.


  1. Mike’s avatar

    Funny we have diets and olympic swimmers in the same three panels. Michael Phelps is on a 12000 calorie a day diet.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Mike: Yeah, I’d say it’s probably not a coincidence :)

  3. shiv’s avatar

    if i was training for 6 hours a day like phelps, i would be loading up with a 12,000 calorie-a-day, carb-rich diet too.
    and, i would love to disagree with you on the “no diet works” thing, but i have actually found one that has… and know quite a few people (myself included) who have used it to GREAT sucess. we’re gonna have to talk about it.

    oh, jeez. that last line makes me sound like the jehovah’s witness of dieting.

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    shiv: yeah they say that he can burn up to 4,000 calories in a race – and he can race sometimes three times a day or more, which pretty much makes him the perfect machine – exact calories in, exact calories out. That said, though he looks and performs like a god, I wonder if he shouldn’t be getting a few more fruits and veggies in that diet. Crazy calories going out or not I feel like a nutritionist would be shocked at how unbalanced his diet seemed. Then again, you can’t argue with success (and perfection).

    As for the diet thing – 1) Good for you. Anytime ANYONE finds a system or plan or diet that works for them I’m happy for them, because it’s a very difficult thing that so many people struggle with, however

    2) You are young and thin already (can you hear the jealousy? – trust me it’s there!) and

    3) Talk to me in five years. Whatever you have managed to lose (why did you need to lose anything in the first place?) if it is still off in five years – let me know – because I was calculating it, and over the years (let’s say 20 of them, since my first “diet” if you call diet any intense restriction of calories, was when I was just a kid) I have lost probably close to 200 pounds, and sometimes I kept it off for a while and sometimes it came right back…but it always came back…plus more. And it’s a really unhealthy thing to do that to your body…especially a body like mine.

    Clearly you can hear me struggling with this issue. I want to be healthier, I need to be healthier, but it’s taking a long time to figure out how to balance my life in a way that I’ll be able to mantain forever…so no more “diets” for me. I’ve got to find a path to something different.

    And now I sound like a jehovah’s witness of dieting…or the anti-jehovah’s witness of dieting… :)

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