#194 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics

Yeah, I have no excuses really.  It’s been a rough month…but every month seems like that for me and writing.  I’ve done better this month in the sense that the huge deadline looming has forced me to get several short fiction pieces off my plate and submitted or ready for submission to clear the way for the novel rewrite, but as for actual words written for the novel – not. a. single. one.  Yay me!

Have a good weekend everyone…anything exciting on the agenda?  I have one thing on mine, I bet you can guess what it is…


  1. Cliff Burns’s avatar

    Fallow periods often precede times of intense activity–it’s like your Muse is mentally gearing up for the ordeal to come. Keep a pen handy, the deluge could begin any day…

  2. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I’ve learned at least one thing about how I write (besides I do it poorly). It’s that I do it in waves. I have mood swings and it tends to come and go like some ebb tide.

    Weekend plans include hanging drywall in my shed and that’s about it.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Cliff: You are totally right, but when you’re in the fallow periods, man is it hard to see the deluge ahead. Thanks for the encouragment!

    TK42ONE: I agree with you (as does Cliff) and I’m sure most writers have discovered this unfortunate fact (many the hard way like me) but I do need to find out what is just fallow period as Cliff states and what is me not really making an effort, me not being disciplined, because a lot of that is a problem for me as well, especially lately.

    Have fun with that drywall…another moment that makes me glad for tiny apartment living in NYC! :)

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