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That’s right, there’s your awesome (read: totally mediocre) punchline. :)

It’s true though, as much as I’m enjoying the Olympics and am shocked how into it I am, I also cannot wait for it to be over…it’s been rough for all of us on the East Coast…you West Coasters are getting it good – sometimes over here you have to stay up until like two freaking AM to find out end results of shit. I’m SO tired.

That said, when they’re gone I’ll completely and utterly miss them I’m sure.

Also, can I just say how awesome it is to have a boss that not only doesn’t get mad at your for maybe borderline nodding off at your desk, but who fully admits to having the same problem.  As I’ve said before, working where I work and for who I work for has spoiled me from ever having another “real job” again, I’ve pretty much got to make a go of this “writing thing” or I’ve got to kill myself or find a way to retire…overweight trophy wife anyone?


  1. Paul’s avatar

    I’ve yet to really watch a single minute of the Olympics! Go me! Woo! DANCE PARTY!

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Wow Paul – that IS impressive. I have tried to ween myself off now that the swimming is over. I’m trying not to get involved in track and field because it looks awesome and I just don’t have the time and need my sleep.

    You should really watch online a few of the Michael Phelps swims though – amazing amazing stuff. Hard not to get caught up and feel all “american” and “proud” – two words I have rarely gotten to use in the same sentence is the last eight or so years…

  3. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I’ve been sucked into the Olympics too. Not sure why, since I was really only wanting to watch the running and Nadal in tennis. Instead i got sucked into Phelps swimming (which admittedly was pretty cool) and beach volleyball. Like that guy from the Office said, “it’s like the swim suit issue, I don’t care about the swim suits, it’s what’s underneath that matters.”

    But I’m getting better, last night I got sucked into reading a Star Wars book (Inferno).

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