#200 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics

I have to say, not to brag, but this is maybe my favorite cartoon so far.  Not that the drawing is any good (it’s terrible, as usual lately) but I just love the idea of my elliptical trainer having a whole personality that hates me.  That I’m not working IT out, which is what it was born to do.  I just find the idea hilarious.

I hope everyone’s life is going better than mine.  I am so stressed out from developments at work, the kind of developments that really need you to buckle down and concentrate and work hard, coming at time when I should really be finding some better balance in my life –  getting more excersise, having more fun, and finishing my novel re-write (of course). 

So it’s all very stressful.  And I feel very conflicted.  And tired.  All the time with the tired!

PS – Comic #200!  That’s sort of an accomplishment!  Right?


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    200 is an accomplishment. And this one is a great one. We had a recumbent bike that pretty much hated us as much as we hated it. One of those ideas my wife had that I tried to talk her out of. You can see it worked. But, I was able to use that bike (which we sold) to talk her out of buying DDR. Yeah, just what I want in my house. Instead, we have a rarely used Wii Fit.

    Anyway, great comic. Keep an eye on that thing, I might jump out and make you run a mile or something.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks! I actually have a love hate relationship with that elliptical trainer, because we went through a lot together in LA (enough that I dragged it with me to NYC – knowing I would likely have to sell it when I got here – and miraculously being able to keep it) but it hates me now, for me to have utilized it so well initially and then to have totally dropped the ball…it’s probably feeling like an ex-boyfriend or something. Poor thing.

    I would love to have the Wii Fit, but I’m sure the shine would quickly rub off of it too. Bikes never do it for me, recumbent or no, I think because I’m sitting on my ass, which I just do too much of already.

  3. Paul’s avatar

    Don’t let machines boss you around. You let it go enough and one day you’ll wake up with an electrical cord around your neck and the sinuous cackles of the microwave oven in your ears. Don’t give in!

  4. Paul’s avatar

    D’oh! I forgot to say congrats on the big 200. Very impressive indeed. 😀

  5. Andy’s avatar

    Great comic. My partner bought me a stairmaster five years ago and it is great for hanging clothes but not much else. Perhaps subconsciously, I placed it right next to a window, so whenever it rains (and I forget to close the window…also subconsciously), it gets wet, so it’s now all rusted. Get back to that rewrite! Personally, I’d rather play Spider Solitaire than exercise when I’m procrastinating.

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