#201 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics

Ah, the sleep talking Adam returns.  Good times.  I really am not complaining about this, because it is one of the genuinely funny things going on in my life these days (sad, but true).  So talk on Adam, talk on you crazy sleeptalker.

As for Rabid Lamb this week, I will continue posting all week, but there may not be comics until next week.  I’ve put myself under major re-write pressure now through September 1st and while it is unlikely I can actually finish, I have made some serious progress in the last four days and I feel I owe it to myself to really focus on that. 

But have no fear, comics will resume shortly in all their non glory…


  1. treenieweenie’s avatar

    Hedgehogs make me giggle, too.

    When I’m awake.

  2. Paul’s avatar

    Oh he’s so totally dreaming about running in his underoos after Sonic the Hedgehog. 😛

  3. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Did you know my wife has this overwhelming urge to buy anything with hedgehogs? We had two in years past and now she collects damn near everything with a hedgehog on it. Makes my Stormtrooper obsession look tame.

  4. kfugrip’s avatar

    I did not say hedgehogs. I don’t think I was even sleeptalking.

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    treenieweenie: Hedgehogs are awesome. All the time.

    Paul: Ha!

    TK42ONE: That is crazy! I didn’t even know there was much stuff out there with hedgehogs on it. I don’t know if it’s more crazy that Adam would be sleeptalking about them or that I made up that he said hedgehogs out of nowhere and you’re wife is obsessed with them…because I definitely made that part up. He sleeptalks, but it’s mostly gibberish, or I’m too asleep or in the other room to hear what is said…so I had to get creative for the comic.

    Adam: You definitely did not say hedgehogs it’s true. But you definitely WERE sleeptalking. You’re in such denial about this issue… :)

  6. Mike’s avatar

    Trust me that Ninja was FAKING!

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