As A Woman, I Find Myself Totally Offended…

I know I’ve stayed pretty clear of politics on this blog, and for good reason, but the one-two punch of American politics of the last two days has left me reeling – first the amazing highs of Obama’s DNC speech on Thursday and then on Friday the utter ridiculousness of the lows of Sarah Palin’s nomination to the second most powerful seat in the country…simply because she’s a woman.

And so I step away from my writing (I’m doing horribly by the way – still need to write like 190 pages by Tuesday) because I feel the need to at least say something – or more accurately – to link to people who are REALLY saying something about this horrible development. So here are a couple excellent links to articles and blogs about Sarah Palin and her complete and utter lack of experience and ability to be elected as the Vice President…one tiny McCain heart attack away from being the leader of the free world…

As a woman, a woman who loves Obama, but truth be told was originally pulling for Hillary, I am OFFENDED by McCain’s game of trying to trick us “silly women folk” into voting for a bitch just because she’s a bitch. Don’t assume McCain that because I’m prettier and younger than you that I don’t know the difference between voting for a strong and responsible candidate who can maybe begin to make a difference in this ailing country of ours and voting for woman simply because…”Hey look! I’m a woman too!” So insulting. This is a condescending slap in the face to all women everywhere and we’re WAY too smart to fall for this, especially when you actually alert us to exactly what you’re doing in your speech Ms. Palin…don’t ever dare to compare yourself to Hillary Clinton again. You’re not remotely in the same league.

A great account by an Alaskan – very informative

Daily Kos has an ongoing list of the reasons why Palin is unqualified, some of them are just Republican things that don’t necessarily make her unfit (unless you’re like me) but it’s still worth a read if you’re trying to learn about the total unknown that is Palin

The VP Choice That Lost McCain The Election

The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. Histor

Palin:  You’re no Hillary Clinton

And if you need to be inspired after all that insanity, go back and watch Obama again:

Barak’s DNC Speech


  1. Rebecca Hahn’s avatar

    Doesn’t it just kill you? We were on our way out of town when we found out and for some reason when you take two steps away from Los Angeles the only things on the radio are country, spanish and right wing radio. We listened to Rush adore McCain’s choice until I got way to cranky. He kept saying “Guns, Babies, and Jesus”. We were going away to have a nice vacation and I was getting too stressed out. Just thinking about it now gets me all worked up. All I really meant to say here was how sad and cranky I felt for Hillary. It would suck to do all that hard work and have someone else come along that isn’t even a pinch of what you are and get the reward. Brian keeps reminding me that this isn’t the first female for VP nomination anyway, so this isn’t history making. Except for suck ass history making. :(

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    It totally kills me. I’m so anxious. I keep telling myself that the American people are not stupid to fall for this. But then I have to remind myself that I believed that in 2000 and in 2004, and both times I was very obviously wrong. So I’m scared. Real scared.

    I personally think that Palin is a terrible terrible choice for a million reasons (some listed in the articles I posted and in the comments and some not) and I think it shows how easily McCain is willing to bow to the pressure of “his people” and by that I don’t mean the American people, but his PR and spin experts, but it also shows how desperate they were. The McCain campaign had not momentum whatsoever, and Obama seemed like an awesome machine that was only gaining ground and excitment with every day, but with Palin McCain’s people have totally turned the campaign on it’s ear…a stupid ear, but an ear nonetheless.

    Whoever McCain’s strategists are, I hate them, but they deserve a freaking raise. Jerks.

    I’m just going to have to dig deep and find a little faith left over for my American people, and hope that we can turn all this around.

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