#202 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics

That’s right – we’re baaaaack!!!!!  I know you didn’t believe me that we’d be back…but we are.  Let’s hope for no more hiccups, at least until I reach the end of “a year of rabid lamb comic” (i.e. November 5th).

And to you movie texters out there – it would be great if you could stop texting because it’s wrong and it ruins peoples’ movie experience – but if the moral fortitude to do the right thing escapes you – just know that some crazy bitch and her giant angry boyfriend may be in your theater, ready to follow you home and kill you for being an insensitive jackass.  Is texting really worth your life?  Turn off the goddamn phone – I assure you your life is not so important that it can’t be put on hold for two hours…and if it is…then what the hell are you doing in a movie theater anyway?

This is apparently my new favorite thing to rant about…see?


  1. Paul’s avatar

    I like how you think! Death to all movie texters! May their families weep tears of lava and forever cringe in pain at the sound of a new incoming text message!

  2. kfugrip’s avatar

    You know if I were to go crazy and decide to start killing people the movie talkers/texters would get strong consideration.

    Glad the comic is back.

  3. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Yeah! I can haz rabid lamb comicz!

    So I was sitting here reading this thinking EXACTLY the same things you were writing and it got me to wonder…would this not be a perfect plot for a slasher movie? Young teenage girl sits down to watch a movie and starts texting her friends about the lameness of the previews when POW! out of nowhere appears a horridly bald man with Kung Fu Grip and his sexy, yet demented, red-haired nurse with a pair of red hot, humongous, lobster claws.

    Sure, it’s not the next Scream, but hey, I’d go watch it just to see if anyone texted during the movie.

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