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Yeah, despite my purge, I’m still here in politics land…it’s going to be hard to exit considering the debates are just getting started. Did everyone see the debate on Friday? My man Obama did beautifully, as expected. And McCain acted like a sulky petulant child, rude and arrogant and easily ruffled, and best yet, unable to even look Obama in the eye. This bodes well for the future…I’m cautiously optimistic. Nobody is going to miss Thursday’s VP Debate right? Talk about ‘must freaking see tv’ – the TIVO is already programmed.


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I’ve had a sordid past with politics. Hell, I never voted until Bush was up for re-election. I didn’t even want to vote before then.

    I actually watched about half of the debate with Obama and McCain. McCain was a complete robot. Never looked his foe in the eye. Looked completely whipped and uninterested in being there. My favorite part was the “I’ve got a bracelet…” I loved how each had one, and each had their own point of view on it. Is it worthless unless we win? Or is it a waste if we continue?

    As for the VP debate, OMG! I can’t wait. I actually might watch the whole thing. I don’t know much about foreign news, cultures, etc. But I think I could take Palin in a debate on foreign policy. Maybe even domestic policy.

  2. Paul’s avatar

    Yeah, watched that debate. Couldn’t stand how much McCain was smirking and smiling and re-using his “I’ve been to Afghanistan” bullshit. The VP debate is going to be…hilarious. I’m feeling a bit confident that dumb people are seeing these debates and realizing that their country needs them to make the right choice, the smart choice. Let’s just hope so in the end…

    Also, our brains might be close to the same, except you can get rid of the “mostly media information” and replace it with “food” mmm.

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