Phase II Rejection Update

Yup.  Another one.  Like I always say, painful little groups, rejections LOVE to come in painful little groups.  This one was from my beloved McSweeney’s (who I’m now 0 for 2 with – not including an award I submitted for and did not win, as expected).  This rejection is particularly unfortunate though because this piece is particularly odd and I’m not sure where else it could find a home…maybe Tin House?  We’ll see.

Updated Stats:  0 for 3 in Phase II, with two more pieces still out there being considered and between four and six being prepped for submission.


  1. Cliff Burns’s avatar

    You’ve got the right idea, submitting work to the top magazines and working your way down. MCSWEENEY’S seems a trifle clubby to me at times but I have nothing but praise for TIN HOUSE. Unfortunately, markets like these are swamped with submissions, every pro and wannabe sending reams of stuff.
    But…one perseveres…

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks Cliff. I don’t have a lot of writers reading this blog, so mostly my “rejection updates” go pretty unnoticed – it’s nice that someone cares!

    I’m inclined to agree with you on McSweeney’s (but that may just be sour grapes) I’m still in love with them enough that I’m going to give getting into the club one more shot (in part because I have a weird piece I’ve been working with off and on for months that might not be right for anything except the quarterly).

    I’m excited/anxious to submit to Tin House…I’ve never had anything ready for them at the right time before, but I think I have an interesting one to send through – they’re a great publication. I can only hope to get something in there.

    Thanks again for the encouragement.

  3. Maxwell’s avatar

    Good and morning. Now what? Repeat, son; repeat what the lady just said. It wasn’t an invocation, it was a demand. It was a fat maggot with black guts and a sickening orange beak. You must raise your head, feel the cool blood shift to the back of your skull and say it. And by God, it is a good morning and you had better mean it.

    Keep hanging on.

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