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Yeah.  Disappointing.  And now he’ll probably never let me do it again (of course I’ll forget it wasn’t very fun and totally become obsessed with the idea again).  I think it’s more about being extravagant and waited on and pampered than anything else –  there’s something about being able to see movies still in theaters while in a giant king-sized bed hotel room and having someone bring me a sandwich and a milkshake that just really makes me feel happy inside.  But it was a let down, I’ll try to hold on to that part of the equation so that it doesn’t happen again…


  1. Paul’s avatar

    Heh, so what was so disappointing about it exactly? Did they spit in your food? :/

    I once ordered room service on a cruise, but didn’t know I was supposed to tip the man. I kinda just shut the door on him and ate my food in disturbed silence. To this day, I still feel bad about it and steer clear from ordering up.

  2. treenieweenie’s avatar

    I’ve always wanted to order room service, too, but I just couldn’t get past the crazy prices. Guess I’m glad now that I didn’t cave.

    We did raid the mini bar once after a concert in DC–that was totally worth it!

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Paul: Nothing was really bad about it, it just as fun as I imagined it.

    Ironically, I neglected to pay attention to the “18% gratuity added to all orders” note at the bottom of the room service menu – and so I double tipped our girl. SO FRUSTRATING. I guess with you not tipping and me double tipping the world balances itself anyway, right?

    treenieweenie: You know, I think part of the reason Adam said okay, other than the horrible storm and how exhausted we were from driving in it (AND all the errands we’d run in NYC before leaving) was because the few places we were looking at eating nearby weren’t significantly cheaper. I think the prices were okay considering that the food was actually pretty good. Had the food not been as good as it was it would have been WAY overpriced.

    I’ve rarely gotten a crack at the mini bar, but I’ve always got my eye on it…

  4. Keegan Xavi’s avatar

    You better send me a postcard.

    P.S. LOVE your “begging” look. I have never seen that look in person, but it’s ADORABLE on you!

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks gorgeous! And thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    ps – don’t tell anyone else, but you’ll definitely get a post card 😉

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