I’m in Love…

…with James Jean’s XOXO postcard book. Unfortunately for all my friends that would maybe receive a postcard from me…they will not be getting one of these, they’re too pretty to let go of…okay, maybe I’ll send a few…



  1. k’s avatar

    i love the packaging on this…i have an obsession with paper and stationary…i vow to myself the i will not buy more until i use what i have…

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    I have a similar obsession, it usually drives Adam crazy, but since this is actual “art” I think he forgives it. It’s really is gorgeous. I knew it was coming out and wanted to buy it but had told myself I would hold off, but Adam came home with it one night (an excellent way around me telling myself I couldn’t buy it for myself by the way) and it’s just beautiful.

    To be PERFECT I would switch out some of the drawings for some others of Jeans, but on the whole it’s really just wonderful.

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