#213 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics

Apologies in advance to Paul – who hates the word ‘fall’ and is desperately in favor of using ‘autumn’.  Autumn is nice, but it’s just not the word I grew up with…and thus not the word I associate with my beloved ‘fall’.

It seems silly to be annoyed with the real problems of the world because it is partially keeping me from enjoying a simple thing like fall…but it only comes once a year…how many do I really have left to enjoy in my life?  Surprisingly few really…

Wow.  Now I’m super depressed.  Congratulations Kelly.


  1. Paul’s avatar

    I forgive you. Fall…autumn…either way, it’s nice, crispy weather.

    Bah, the economy.

    ::throws a handful of leaves at you::

  2. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Yes, congratulations on bringing the rest of us into this depression of yours. But I do love the weather. And I think I love spring just as much as fall. They both make me think of cold nights and mild days filled with sun. Days when you’d go camping in the mountains, sit around a campfire, and stuff your clothes in the sleeping bag to keep them warm.

    So, I’ll join Paulie in throwing some leaves at you (sans twigs and slugs of course).

    Damn, now I’m in the mood to walk in my woods.

  3. Rebecca Hahn’s avatar

    Darn it Kelly! Me too. I don’t even get them now. :(

  4. Keegan Xavi’s avatar

    I love the emotions in your drawings! Miss you superstar…


  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Paul: Thank you :)

    TK42ONE: Sorry for dragging you down with me…but it’s lonely down here…

    Rebecca: I know – right!?

    Keegan: You too gorgeous – and thanks!

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