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I didn’t really throw them all out – it’s just symbolic.  I did throw out a couple that I never want to see again and that I didn’t feel were worthy of donation.  I put a few in the back of my closet and held a few for donation at a later date.  Thank the gods – I hated my summer shirts this past year.  Some years I find good stuff and I can muddle through, and other years (this one) it’s just unbearable from the very first day.  Yuck.

Did you guys watch the debate last night?  I thought Obama did great.  Of course we’ve established I’m pretty biased at this point. The thing that really shocks me about all of this is how much I have ended up hating McCain.  McCain was actually an interesting guy to me eight+ years ago, but now, he’s just so full of lies that I can’t even look at him.  He seems like a petty, smug, arrogant ignorant jerk most of the time, and that “smile” he’s got going on?  The one that is supposed to look like he’s a “really nice guy” makes me just cringe.  He looks like he’s gritting his teeth through the smile and thinking “I’m going to kill every single one of you for making me do this” the whole time. 

Obama looked relaxed and confident and well, just presidential quite frankly.  He also did a better job of answering the actual questions (I mean neither of them get A+’s in that) but Obama certainly did a better job than McCain – I don’t think I heard more than one actual plan from McCain – does he have any plans or is he just hoping to rest on his previous (not so great by the way) voting record if he gets elected?  Cause I’m pretty sure that won’t work.

Also – was anyone else totally thrown by McCain referring to Obama as “that one”.  I’m sure it was just a slip up (he IS super old) but that had serious racist undertones if you ask me. He has a name and a title – it’s SENATOR Barak Obama. 

The CNN polls last night about the debate, heavily favored Obama, which is awesome, but now I come in today to read all the hate and bile on the internet (mostly from moron commenters) and I feel bad about everything again…I just have to learn to stop reading the comments.  Not mine of course…but those anonymous racist haters out there that try to spread their poison anywhere they can on various blogs politcal and otherwise – the terrible bile I was seeing today was on a freaking E! entertainment post about the debate – I guess I can rest easy that someone who is getting their political news from E! is probably not smart enough get to the voting booth anyway… 

Also, I’m sure everyone knows this already, but if you have any doubt about any of the facts that are getting thrown around go to www.factcheck.org to check out the ACTUAL facts.  It’s a non-partisan site and you’ll find just as many Obama and Obama camp errors as McCain and McCain camp errors.  To my mind the Obama errors, though they obviously exist, are generally more innocent and less slimy – but it’s a great site regardless of who you’re voting for, it really helps clear up some of the lies and misinformation.


  1. Drew Bergman’s avatar

    I was listening to the debate on the radio in my car (drove back from a one-night engagement in the city). The thing that annoyed me the most was McCain’s insistence on using his grampa-by-the-fire-ghost-story voice. It would get all quiet and whispery and then he’d tell all the children gathered around that we were his friends. his friends. his friends.

    And then he touched me where I pee. (which I call Waziristan- “It’s some rough country”)

    and then I heard “that one”. wow. just…wow.

  2. kfugrip’s avatar

    “which I call Waziristan” hahahahahahahaha fucking HILARIOUS! Well done Drew.

  3. Paul’s avatar

    Are you a sweater woman? Oh please please say yes! I’m so happy it is sweater season. Mmm…

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Drew: Adam already handled this. Fucking hilarious – well done.

    Adam: Stop stealing my praise.

    Paul: LOVE sweaters…and sweater weather! These are happy times…except as previously stated I seem unable to really enjoy them. Yay.

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