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Not really of course (how could you take it seriously, I was contemplating using an AX!)

But many of you know what I mean.  Did you watch the last debate last night?  It was hard to pick between the debate and the season finale of Project Runway, but Project Runway was a bit of a let down this season (though LeAnne’s collection was pretty awesome) so I Tivo’d Project Runway and went with the debates like a good citizen.  I’m glad I did.  Obama trounced McCain again, though it was certainly McCain’s best performance so far, and probably Obama’s worst.  Honestly, who is McCain’s handler?  Because someone needs to get control over that man’s reaction shots (too late now – by the way!).  He just looks like an arrogant sinister grouchy old man…so smug in his own self importance of how stupid everyone is but him.  If there weren’t plenty of other things to help him lose the election that alone could do it for me.  When I look at him I just see a guy who has never had an honest smile in his life – it all seems so forced and well, kind of evil.  Whereas Obama is one cool customer.  He’s unflappable.  And SO likeable and natural.  I love it. 

Oh, and that little thing above my head in panel four?  That’s a classic lead pipe…circa Clue 1982…


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Ahh, Clue. Will it be Col. Mustard in the Library?

    Skipped the debates last night. That whole chipmunk cheek/1,000 yard stare creeps me out. So instead I watched some wholesome TV (the Cosby Show), then a little Mythbusters, then a little Top songs form the 80s, before finally reading some of Winterbirth.

    So far, the Cosby Show is winning in my polls.

  2. Tara’s avatar

    Every year I say that I will not get involved in politics, especially with 2004, I put a lot of gusto into that election, and of course, was defeated. Yet, here I am again, but hopefully, defeat won’t be the case ::crosses fingers::

    If McCain is elected, I’m moving to Canada.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    TK42ONE: It will definitely be Miss Scarlett in the Library with the Rope…wait, that seems kinky…make it the candlestick.

    Yeah, I’m pretty burnt on politics…ready to vote.

    Tara: Do you have room in your car for Adam and I? We’d like to come to Canada too if the worst happens. Actually I’m up for like Switzerland or something, but I doubt we’ll be able to get the cash together.

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