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These things that I become obsessed with – it’s not like I eat them everyday for every meal “Bread and Jam For Frances Style” (did you guys read that book as a kid? awesome!) – anyway, it’s more like I could happily have a peanut butter sandwich everyday for lunch for weeks (yes, sometimes months) and still crave it and be all, “boy a peanut butter sandwich sure sounds good!” and then all of a sudden I don’t want to eat it again for a VERY long time…sometimes up to a year. It’s crazy – I’ve also got a whole thing about un-heated food that’s weird – and quite frankly grosses Adam out. I’ll give you a non-gross example…I don’t heat up my pop tarts…if I eat them (which is pretty much never) I prefer them right out of the box.

Do you guys have any bizarre eating habits? I know Paul likes to eat in his bed…anyone else?


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    Hey, that’s what I made this morning: eggs on toast. Well, I added a piece of fake American cheese, but mmm it was good.

    Another eating habit I have is that I often stand and eat during my lunch break back in my apartment, because I’m tired of sitting around being plopped in a chair all morning. Weird, I know, but oh well. So I stand, holding the plate in one hand and the sammich in the other, and watch TV.

  2. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I have eating requirements and eating habits. Since the requirements are mainly due to allergies, I’ll skip to the eating habits.

    – My food shouldn’t touch on my plate. I know it all goes to the same place, but I don’t like my peas to get mixed in with my mashed potatoes. Although rarely I’ll live life on the edge and mix them together.

    – Unless it’s a sweet food, I’ll salt it. Very bad habit, I know, but I salt (and sometimes pepper) nearly everything I eat, even before I taste it to see if it needs salt. My mom once made a stuffed ham and had to soak the ham in the sink all night to get rid of the salt used in the curing process. When it was finally cooked, she could barely eat it because it still had so much salt. Me? I was adding salt to it.

    – Reheating food is a mixed bag for me. I love leftovers and have been known to devour the entire container without putting it in the microwave. Steak, pork chops, potatoes, corn, etc.

    – When I eat (usually more noticeable during dinner) several foods for one meal, I save the one I like the best until last. So if those pork chops are extra tasty, I’m eating them last.

    – Combined with the previous habit, I generally eat one food at a time. So I’ll eat all my potatoes. Then all my corn. Then all my pork chop. After I’ve salted them all of course and peppered the potatoes and chops.

    I’m thinking this isn’t the best question to ask someone who is a bit OCD.

  3. kfugrip’s avatar

    Yeah, I burnt myself out on eggs. I hope it doesn’t happen to you because when you make it it looks delicious.

  4. Holly’s avatar

    My whole life is one giant weird food habit, always has been. I blame my mother who used to always say, “Have one more bite then you can have a bowl of cereal.”

    My food will never touch on the plate and each thing must be eaten separately.

    I do not eat spicy meat.

    I do not eat tomatoes.

    I do not eat anything Indian, Mexican or “ethnic” containing spicy meat and/or tomatoes.

    I will not eat anything brought to a potluck.

    I hate “booth food” at fairs, festivals or outdoor events and do not enjoy “scents of the seasons.” I hate glazed ham, I hate all ham. I hate all red meat.

    When I was on the radio they caught wind of my weird food habits and force-fed me meatloaf. I cried.

    Is it any wonder I had a guy dump me once for not liking steak?

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Paul: I’m WAY uncomfortable eating while standing so I don’t know how you do that, but I’m also WAY with you on getting sick of sitting all day. I guess maybe I could try to lie down and eat…maybe that could work out… :)

    TK42ONE: Yeah, I think allergies are a whole other thing. You do have some fun neuroses in there though – so thanks for making me feel better! I definitely prefer to save the thing I like most for last. The only trouble I have with that is when I get my “prison meal” (i.e. the meal I would like to have for my last meal on earth) of Lobster Bisque, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and a Lobster Roll. It is so hard to choose what is the least favorite there. I usually eat bits of all of them and then finish the potatoes first, the bisque second, and the roll last…but it’s always a tough decision.

    Adam: Yeah, I’m totally ready for you to be back on eggs by the way. You’ll probably be back on them about when I burn out on them. Nice and convenient for our lives…

    Holly: Wow. In your case I think we can definitely blame your mother. That cereal thing is HILARIOUS. I’m not sure how you can survive in the world not eating anything Indian or Mexican or “ethnic”…then again I won’t eat ANYTHING with onions…even if onions are just in the same container it’s difficult for me…which as you know, onions are in EVERYTHING so it’s a problem.

    It’s good to know that you all are at least as screwed up as I am…so thank you.

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