Happy Halloween!

I didn’t draw this.  But it’s cute…and I’m convinced I could have drawn it and thus somehow I feel okay about posting it… :)

Does anyone have any great Halloween plans?  Adam and I are staying in to watch scary movies.  Not the most exciting or creative option, I know, but we’ve been lacking in quality time spent together, so I’m looking forward to it.  There will also probably be candy involved, so that is exciting too. 

Happy Halloween to all of you – I hope you all have a great night and a great weekend – and that none of you get so drunk that you forget to vote on Tuesday…well unless you’re not voting for my guy…in which case, forget away!


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Halloween plans include keeping my kids safe from sugar overdoses and not killing my wife for being a “B” and jumping down my throat sideways.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    How did the sugar protection go? Why was your why being a B?

    Mine was a total bust. Ended up working until almost midnight and Adam had to work the following day so we ended up not watching any of our scary movies or eating any of the delicious candy I had procured. We did eat some candy and watch one of the scary movies on Saturday night, but it just wasn’t the same. Officially, my worst halloween ever (I think). I’m going to work extra hard so that next year makes up for it.

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