I had to post this because it’s literally the first thing to make me laugh in days as I’m so tense about the elections.  Hilarious.  The article on Jezebel I stole it from is also good, so check it out.  But mostly, GO OUT AND VOTE.  I feel like there should be a new law instituted that people who don’t vote should be shipped out to a country where you don’t GET to vote for some period of time between one and five years…just so they can understand what an amazing right it is to even have…and not to squander it when they have it again. 

And don’t even get me started on the undecideds at this point…HOW CAN YOU BE UNDECIDED?  What magical thing is going to happen or needs to be said to get you to just FREAKING DECIDE ALREADY…!?!?!? 

So, I am officially one of those people that needs to “chill the fuck out”…I’m a ball of nerves…and I’m hoping it is all for naught.  That this country is going to actually turn out huge for Obama…and our map is going to look very very blue…bluer than it has looked in a very long time…and that maybe this country can finally start the long path to healing…I just need to stop reading conservative blogs and websites that have me so paranoid I don’t even want to wake up in the morning…


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    Hey.. I totally agree with you.. everyone should get out and vote..

    I think Obama will win, but reading all those conservative blogs freak me out..

    I just discovered you!! I am sooo glad! I just went over your myspace, all your hot pics and read all your posts!!

    Can you believe I stumbled upon you (and this blog), while searching election blogs on Google and then through wordpress recent tags..! :)

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    Look at you… getting new readers who think your picture is “hot”.

    I arrived 20 minutes until voting booths opened (they open at 6am) and there was a line of about 25 people in front of me. By the time the door opened the line was around the block. However, when I left there was no line outside the building.

    Disturbing thing happened. While speaking to the woman with the roll for my district I realized that she wasn’t understanding what I was saying and couldn’t find my name. I was being patient, waiting for her to find it even though she was searching in the ‘C’s and not the ‘G’s. Eventually she hands me a provisional ballot and tells me to fill it out “over there”. I explain (borderline yell) to her that I must be on the roll, that I vote here in every election and that this is my district. I then physically show her in her own roll where my name is located. “Oh” she says. I can imagine that happening to someone who is unaware of the fact that if they are in their district then they are on the roll. If they don’t know that, and fill out a provisional ballot, that ballot could be thrown out. So, it was disturbing but I don’t think it was a systematic problem, just a case of noise and slight language barrier inhibiting this woman’s ability to understand my last name (which is Greene).

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    “Greene” or “Creene?” Yeah, that’s sooo close.

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