YES!!! We Are Made Of WIN!



HOT DAMN. I could not freaking be happier if I tried…well, okay, if while winning the election and watching history be made in Obama’s epic acceptance speech, if I had been fed grapes and massaged by strong hands…PERHAPS I could have been happier, but they would have had to be extraordinary (possibly magical?) grapes and Clive Owen’s hands.


I am optimistic and proud for my country as I have not been able to be in almost eight years…and I cannot wait to get started. I hope that Obama can bridge this country and lead us in doing great things, and maybe eventually this polarized country of ours can find a way to meet in the middle.

*I stole this image from the delightful ladies over at Shapely Prose, though I stole the other one from Jezebel. I’m full of theft lately…what’s up with that?


  1. Tara’s avatar

    YES! So excited! I still have no words but I am soooo pleased with the outcome. I join you in optimism and I haven’t felt better about where our country will go. SO, yes, we are made of win, finally!

  2. Keegan Xavi’s avatar

    In terms of my life as an American citizen, no event in my history has been this profound. No offense to 9/11, but not even that impacted me as much as last night’s election results. Thanks for helping me be not crazy. Expect lots more calls though 😉

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Tara: I know – it’s hard to find words. It’s just SOOOO good.

    Keegan: I agree. 100% The proudest I have ever been of my country, of my people, and the most excited I have been for our future in a very long time. It was a historic night, that I’m so glad to have been a part of it. I hope this is going to drive us into a beautiful future.

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