Pop Candy Reader of the Day Feature!


Pop Candy, a site I’ve talked about pretty frequently on this blog as an awesome source of all things pop culture, has featured yours truly as their reader of the day. So head on over to Pop Candy and see what Whitney’s talking about (it’s always something good) and if you can’t get enough of ME, then here’s the link directly to my Reader of the Day “interview”.

Thanks for the feature Whitney – it’s an honor!


  1. Paul’s avatar

    Awesome! And I’m officially jealous!

    I think I sat next to Whitney Matheson two ComicCons ago at a Battlestar Galactica panel. No, wait. I DID. But we didn’t talk. Oh wellsss…

    But seriously, that’s some great exposure (I’m still jealous).

  2. bataka’s avatar

    Saw you over at pop candy I really like your comics. Here’s an odd / cool thing you might like to know. You like Obama, Obama collects comics… Just one more reason to love the man, no? Congrats on your USAtoday thingy.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Paul: Thanks!

    And you should be one too! I’m sure Whitney would love to have you. Especially since you’re practically Comic Con buddies anyway.

    bataka/Terry: Thanks for the congrats and for stopping by. I did not know that about Obama (and am ashamed this knowledge passed me by). As if I needed ANOTHER reason to love the man…now my love practically knows no bounds! I hope you come back soon!

  4. brett weldele’s avatar

    whoa! that’s awesome, kelly! :)

  5. Nate Pensky’s avatar

    Hey, great blog! I saw you on pop candy, and (hope you don’t mind) I put a link to your blog on the blog I do for my school. Your comic strips are the bombtrack.

  6. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Brett: Hey thanks. Didn’t know you were still reading – thanks for hanging around :)

    Nate: Thanks Nate – and welcome. I checked out your blog – it’s great – and thank you for the link. Hope you’ll continue to read!

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