Holiday Cards


I got the most amazing holiday cards this past year, and just wanted to share the beauty since everyone I sent to should have received them by now. I found the cards rather randomly at a little online shop called ShopRedBean. I got three or four different designs – mostly the two awesome reindeer designs on the site and was exceptionally happy. They weren’t cheap, but somehow I never manage to get cheap cards…despite efforts to the contrary.  I got more compliments on my cards this year than I ever have before…which is pretty cool.

Because the cards and envelopes are square, they require extra postage for the “irregular shape”, which gave me an excuse to use custom stamps.  I had a custome 62 cent stamp made from a piece of the 1979 Semi-Finalist header/logo above. I have to say, that turned out to be my favorite part of the process. And I’ve got some left over, so that will make mailing a little bit more fun…at least for awhile.

I hope everyone had a great holiday – and apologies if you didn’t get a card…I probably didn’t/don’t have your address. :)