Me? Laid Off? Oy.

laid off 1

laid off 2

laid off 3


That’s right folks, I’ve joined the masses on the bread line. 

Well, not quite yet.  I’ve got a few more weeks to close out my projects and train the part timer that will be ‘stopping the gap’ and also as I attempt to educate everyone on everything I have been doing for the last four years…basically downloading four years of awesome knowledge into a binder and few weeks of conversations and training. 

I am getting a fair (ish) severence package, which is why I’m not quite clawing at the ceiling and ranting about the ridiculousness of a company that lets good people go.  I just fundamentally disagree with them in theory I guess, without judgement, I feel you just don’t let dedicated good people go, even if someone shuffling paper somewhere thinks you make too much money (here’s a hint – figure out a person’s pay based on actual hours worked and you’ll often find they’re quite a deal compared to the average clock puncher…or here’s another one – in my case – divide my salary by three – since that is how many people’s jobs I’ve been doing for the last nine months) – well I guess I did have to rant a little bit.  Sorry.  

It is comforting to know that the people who actually work with me and that I work for are devastated (okay, maybe just sad, details shmetails) to see me go, and don’t think it’s the best move for the long term, even if it helps alleviate current financial burden.  That helps.  But I’ve never been laid off from a job.  I’ve never left a job when it wasn’t 100% my decision and this is hard.  It’s especially hard in these economic times, when I know many many talented and amazing people that are out of work and not by choice.  It also makes it hard to have faith in the whole ‘universe closes a door, but opens a window’ philosophy that I’m so fond of – basically I see no windows opening. 

I’ve got some time though. And I’ve decided to take some of that time and rather than just seeking out another executive assistant or office management position that will make me want to slit my wrists, to actually give what I’m good at a try.  So I’ve got a small window of time to push as hard as I can on that stuff, and we’ll see what happens…maybe the world is ready to give me a break, since I’m ready to actually try.  We’ll see.  The good news for you devoted readers is that the blog is likely to get pretty active again…lots of stuff coming soon.

And if any of you hear about any positions in which people want to pay obscene amounts of money for someone with a little bit of talent…feel free to let me know.

Update:  We can update my cartoon to show one less tic mark in the “laid off” category as my brother has just gotten hired at a great firm.  Maybe it’s the beginning of the end of this mess already?  We can only hope.  Congratulations Scott…I hope we’re all right behind you.


  1. kfugrip’s avatar

    Yay! The comic is back! Good job. Good comic.

  2. Paul’s avatar

    Wow, sorry to hear about the job loss. I’ll sacrifice a bowl of pasta later to the Economy Overlords and hope you follow in your bro’s footsteps ASAP.

    That said, love the comic.

  3. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I like your trip-tic here but don’t much enjoy the topic. We found out our bonuses would be reduced, but frankly, I’m just happy I’m still employed. With nearly 250,000 jobs lost in the tech industry, it makes me nervous. Even more so that I’m working at home. They say it helps the company save money but there are times that I think I’m like the guy in Office Space working in the basement with my red stapler.

    I DO hope things get better, but I also want you to enjoy your new job. And I want more comics. Can you manage all that? A new job with more color comics?

  4. javajune’s avatar

    So sorry about your lay-off but you are right to take some time to rediscover yourself and give your talents a shot. Good luck to you. Love the comic sketch.

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Adam: thanks :)

    Paul: Thanks man. It’s hard times all around, yeah? Glad to be drawing again…maybe my break was long enough to reinvigorate me…no promises though!

    TK42ONE: I hear you on the whole “I’m working at home and that much easier to replace”…we’re all afraid. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. You’re not Milton though, don’t worry…although things do work out pretty well for him and that stapler… :)

    I’m not really going to look for a job right away. I stop working near the end of February and I’m going to try to finish my novel revisions by then and start querying it again…going to draw lots of comics and hopefully get The Jilted League launched…maybe put up a website for myself…see what I can get going on. I probably (definitely) will have to get a job eventually, but not in architecture. I’m officially done with architecture (whether I want to be or not – though I DO want to be). I don’t know about color Rabid Lamb Comics, but The Jilted League will be in color (mostly). Is that good enough?

    javajune: thanks for stopping by – and for the words of encouragement!

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