In honor of hitting 100,000 hits over here on 1979 Semi-Finalist I’m going to steal an idea from my friend Holly over at Beyond The Air.  Holly did a great “Best Of Post” a little while ago that inspired me to revisit the comics I have really loved over Rabid Lamb’s brief year long-ish history, in honor of my 100,000 Hit-0-versary.  As usual with lists I do it half in the hope it will re-inspire me to draw more comics and half just because I love me some lists.  So here goes…the Top 15 Rabid Lamb Comics…as picked by yours truly.  Below the jump, I also list the Top 5 Rabid Lamb Comics, based solely on hit numbers…it’s an interesting difference. And at the very bottom…1979 Semi-Finalist’s first ever POLL!

15.  Rabid Lamb Comic #063. I hate the drawing in this one, but LOVE the gag.  You see, it’s funny because it’s true.

Rabid Lamb Comic #063

14.  Rabid Lamb Comic #155. This is the first comic in a short series about Adam with a deer head.  Adam is largely responsible for this bit and it’s great.

Rabid Lamb Comic #155

13.  Rabid Lamb Comic #156.  The conclusion to #155 – great stuff!

Rabid Lamb Comic #156

12.  Rabid Lamb Comics #157.  A little riff on the previous “deer head” strip.

Rabid Lamb Comic #157

11.  Rabid Lamb Comic #158. The end of that little “deer strip” – which was some of the most fun I had with Rabid Lamb – and which I don’t despise the drawing on…except panel two of this strip (just terrible!).

Rabid Lamb Comic #158

10.  Rabid Lamb Comic #085.  There’s something about the simplicity of this one that always loved…that and the fact that it’s an actual conversation…pretty much word for word.  Those tend to be some of my favorites.

Rabid Lamb Comic #085

9.  Rabid Lamb Comic #     – Guest Artist Adam Greene. This probably deserves to be higher than #9 on the list…Adam’s cartooning is so far above mine it’s ridiculous.  I will say that he took forever to draw this and at the time I was doing five strips a week…we can’t all be michaelfreakingangelo when posting five strips a week and working full time…can we Adam?  But I LOVE everything about this.

Rabid Lamb Comic - Guest Artist Adam Greene

8.  Rabid Lamb Comic #124. The only strip to make my list and the “Top 5 Readers List”.  I loved drawing the Adam and Kelly stick figures, if only because it helped the creativity and allowed the strip to become something more than a journal comic….which when you live the boring life I do gets very old very fast.  Panel #4 is one of my favorite panels of all time – the expression and dialogue are just dead on.

Rabid Lamb Comic #124

Click more to see the rest of the list…and to see the Top 5 Comics according to you the reader…there’s also a poll at the end…whee!…

7.  Rabid Lamb Comic #075. I’m not sure why I like this one.  I guess the story is very true and very me and the cartooning is pretty good in this one overall.

Rabid Lamb Comic #075

6.  Rabid Lamb Comic #079. LOVE this one…perhaps I should move it up the list.  It’s the perfect combination of absolutely ridiculous and absolutely true…I love it when those two things come together.  The drawing is a bit “eh” though – Adam looks ridiculous in panel #1.

Rabid Lamb Comic #079

5.  Rabid Lamb Comic #089.  I love the art in this one (which is exceedingly rare) and the gag isn’t bad either.  Also this strip has an awesome ability to remind me exactly how pissed I was while watching that movie.  In fact, reading this now, I’m still pissed.

Rabid Lamb Comic #089

4.  Rabid Lamb Comic #120. The “UNN!” heard round the world.  This could get picked based solely on how much great dialogue and how many in-jokes it created.  Go “UNN!” Go!

Rabid Lamb Comic #120

2.  Rabid Lamb Comic #115. This one isn’t so flashy, but I love the hell out of it.  It’s a great example Adam’s and my dialogue together (I think)…the kind of repartee we have…and it’s probably the best drawing I did on any single strip.  Yeah, I love this one.  It would be #1…but #1 is something that cannot be taken over by merely good drawing…

Rabid Lamb Comic #115

1.  Rabid Lamb Comic #061. THE DANCING ADAM!  No other words are necessary.

Rabid Lamb Comic #061

Conversely, here are the Top 5 Rabid Lamb Comics as picked by “you the reader”.   These are the five Rabid Lamb Comics with the largest hit numbers…surprisingly, only one of them makes my Top 15, not so surprisingly several of them involve celebrities…naked and otherwise…

5.  Rabid Lamb Comic #027. I think we can all see what the appeal is here…

Rabid Lamb Comic #027

4.  Rabid Lamb Comic #111. I have no idea what the appeal is here though.  I mean, I kind of dig it because of the “curing cancer” bit, but it’s not well drawn or full of boobs or anything so how it gets into heavy rotation I have no idea.

Rabid Lamb Comic #111

3.  Rabid Lamb Comic #004. Wow.  We’re going back here!  Having been around so long might have helped it in the numbers arena.  This strip gives newer readers a chance to see the strip before I figured out how to best format it for the WordPress layout I have (yikes).  I actually think this strip is a good concept – just poorly formatted…and kind of sloppily drawn.  Maybe I should re-draw it…hmmm…

Rabid Lamb Comic #004

2.  Rabid Lamb Comic #139. Mila Kunis…who knew?  I mean she IS freaking gorgeous, especially in Forgetting Sarah Marshall…but I never knew she had the staying power to make this comic #2 in hits of all time.

Rabid Lamb Comic #139

#1.  Rabid Lamb Comic #124. Since this is in my top 15, I can’t really argue.  Stick figures and jokes and giant penises…who can argue with that?

Rabid Lamb Comic #124


  1. Andy’s avatar

    Congrats on your 100,000th (try saying that out loud) hit, Kelly! Love the deer-headed Adam series.

  2. DeAnne’s avatar

    These are so great Kelly!! You should be so proud of yourself. I can’t wait for MORE!!!!!

  3. TK42ONE’s avatar

    This post tells me two things. One, my blogs suck and get nowhere near the traffic you do. Two, you really need to draw some more! I’m starting to forget how awesome these comics are. Can we push up the due date for your next project? Please?

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Andy: Thanks! I love those “deer head” strips too – you’ve got great taste :)

    DeAnne: Thanks gorgeous – thanks for all your support. You’re definitely one of the people that helped make the blog the success it is – Thank you!

    TK42ONE: Your blog doesn’t suck at all – I think it just takes a while for a blog to find a niche that works I think. My comics, good or bad, are definitely what helped get the blog really rolling last year. And then I just tried to build on that, it was slow going for a while there. Also, just by posting daily for a whole year, there’s just so much content out there…that helps, A LOT.

    Also, keep in mind, though I admit I was excited to get to 100,000 hits, hits are really not a big deal, I mean it’s really having readers that come back and comment and are involved…fans I guess is what I’m saying. Anyone can do a search for “Mila Kunis” and find my blog and look at a picture of her and leave and never come back, it’s the fans that make it really work in the long run, and I know you’ve got some loyal fans.

  5. Paul’s avatar

    There will always be…Dancing Adam!

    Heh, big congrats, Kelly! And I’m in the same camp as TK…let’s get some more comics up in here. 😀

  6. thejamminjabber’s avatar

    Looks like Adam’s penis is “a-head”. Miss these comics.

  7. Gayle’s avatar

    The deer comics are my favorites… especially 11 and 12. I laughed out loud at them again, and I have seen them before.

    I always enjoy your blog, even tho I dont usually comment.


  8. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Paul: Thanks man. I’m so sad to see your comics going away…but I totally understand.

    thejamminjabber: Everyone’s a comedian. I miss them too, maybe they’ll make a comeback – thanks for reading.

    Gayle: Hey Gayle – thanks for stopping by – and for being a regular! Comments or no, I love regular readers! :)

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