The New Economy: The Upside and The Downside…

The Upside: I’ve been laid off but I got a fair (ish) severance package and sometimes all I can hear in my head is “FREEEEEEEEDOM!!!!!!YESSSSSS!!!!!”  I don’t think I’ve made the mistake of saying it out loud yet.

The Downside:  When I open my wallet moths fly out of it like in a cartoon.

The Upside:  My new co-worker is me singing to myself while I work (to itunes playlists of my choice), which was never really acceptable or attempted at work (the singing, not the playlists).

The Downside: I actually miss my co-workers (well, some of them, they know who they are)

The Upside:  I’m finally learning the hard way what an idiot I am about money…and am being forced to actually change rather than just making an off the cuff remark.

The Downside:  Money Money Money.  I’m  stressing extra about money because I’ve been living beyond my means for years like everyone else.  The longer I stay free (and happy) the smaller my savings account gets…and I was saving for some serious stuff.

The Upside: Plenty of time to work out

The Downside: Plenty of time to work out

The Upside:  Writing galore, drawing galore, reading galore, and blogging galore, for me and all my fans (all six of you) plus unlimited episodes of The West Wing…!

The Downside: No more direct deposit and “affordable” health insurance

The Upside: Staying up to all hours and sleeping in late.

The Downside: Did I mention the money thing yet?  Yeah, yeah, I guess I did.

The Upside:  No more blackberry

The Downside: No more blackberry


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Don’t you love having six fans? Makes you feel like king (or queen) of the world. Financial responsibility is hard to come by and hard to learn. But worst of all, it just plain sucks. So, does this mean we’ll be seeing more comics? Soon?

  2. Paul’s avatar

    I hate money. If I had a ton of it, I’d give you some so you could buy yummy ice cream. This economy really stinks right now, and I spend every day worried and wondering if it’ll be my last employed. Oi.

    Comics? Come on. You gotta fill the void I’ve left.

  3. k’s avatar

    you know what doesn’t cost any money…game night. hint hint wink wink

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    TK42ONE: Well apparently I only have three, judging by the comments – hate when I overestimate myself! There are more comics coming, but I really have to concentrate on finishing the rewrite on my novel. If nothing else gets done while I’m out of work, that alone must get accomplished. It’s really painful lately though…the novel’s in a hard stage right now, but I must muddle through.

    Paul: I’m sorry you’re worried about your job too…seems like nobody is safe these days. Because I was working in architecture and design and there are literally no positions open in those fields lately I’m considering switching over to entertainment, which is fairly recession proof but will definitely be a pay cut, at least for the first year or so. It’s hard. I’m very insecure these days about what the right move is…can’t even tell what my gut instinct is so I can follow it. Hang in there and I’ll cross my fingers for you to remain happily employed.

    k: Game night TOTALLY costs money…you need food, and drinks, and games! :)

  5. k’s avatar

    I’m not buying that excuse.

    1) everyone has games on hand they can pool together and bring.
    2) tap water is free (sort of…i don’t count the water bill)
    3) everyone brings their favorite drink with them
    4) who needs snacks when you have your favorite drink (alcohol) or everyone brings a snack.

    at most it would cost every under $10 for a night of fun.

    so it’s not totally free, whateva. your gonna hang out!

  6. k’s avatar

    holy bad grammar…my apologies to your blog.

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