Rabid Lamb Comics: Lunchables!


Yeah, pretty much slimy meat, slimy cheese, and slightly stale crackers.

What was appealing about this to me as a kid?  Also, how did this fill me up?  I’m no small girl, but I never was, and this is not really a meal…at all.  Adam did point out that it’s designed more for kids than adults and that might be half my problem…which is true.

Also, this particular lunchable included a partially crushed Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, which is a new feature, and a strange ‘wild cherry drink’ of some kind, that was actually clear in color, which freaked me out.  I didn’t eat/drink either, though I’ll probably get to that peanut butter cup eventually…I mean, crushed or no, it’s a peanut butter cup…I’m not jesus.

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  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Ick. Lunchables. Never did like them, even as a kid. I was always the kid that went form buying lunch to packing a mayo and cheese sandwich. Yes, just mayo and cheese. No meat. And don’t eat that peanut butter cup, they’re just as nasty.

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