Rabid Lamb Comics – Unemployment Clothes!


Now, please keep in mind I do of course mix this up with different babydoll nightgowns, ratty sweaters, and sweatpants.  But yeah, it’s decidedly not awesome.

If we hadn’t gone out this weekend (twice!) I think Adam would have forgotten what I looked like in real clothes.  Speaking of this weekend, we saw two really good films this weeked at the New Directors/New Films series.  Treeless Mountain and Cold Souls. I don’t know if either will be getting a wide release, though the latter has enough star power that it seems like it should (Paul Giamatti), it also features in a small role some “new” actress (Katheryn Winnick) that I have to say I could not take my eyes off of.  To be “that guy” (or girl, as it were) she looked like a lovely version of Scarlett Johansson…only taller and a bit older.  Va va va voom.


  1. kfugrip’s avatar

    I like your unemployment clothes.

  2. suz’s avatar

    Haha I like your unemployment clothes too — I have an outfit verrrrry simular to that one….

    Personally, I think that Katheryn Winnick looks younger than Scarlett…. either way, they’re actually the same age — both born in 1984. (What would I do without you, IMDB?)

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Adam: Thanks :)

    Suz: Thanks – maybe we should have some kind of unemployment clothed parade (except I hate parades).

    It’s funny when I look Katheryn Winnick up on IMDB I get that she’s born in 1977, which would make her 32 and considerably older than Scarlett, who was definitely born in 1984. Although, looking into it more, there does seem to be some controversy about her age on the message boards (which I try never to trust), considering her experience as a champion martial artist and work as a stunt coordinator, it’s hard to believe she’s only 25 though…32 makes more sense. Maybe we’ll never know, she probably doesn’t mind there being controversy about her age…so long as people think she’s younger than she is.

    Also, there seems to be controversy over her height as well. Some are putting her at 5’2″ and some 5’6″…

    Regardless, Winnick has actually been around quite a bit, I’ve even seen some of the things she’s been in before, but don’t remember her at all. She definitely makes an impact in Cold Souls though, a very Johansson-y impact, though considering she’s playing a spoiled not so talented Russian actress I’m not sure Johannson would love the comparison.

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