Credit Where Credit Is Due…


Whether you’re a PC or a Mac you’re just going to have to appreciate this tale of customer service.

I recently ordered a product from Mac, it was a software update.  I ordered it on April 6th.  It shipped to me on April 7th.  I have still yet to receive it – more likely due to the fact that I live in New York City and my mailman is a complete jackass than anything Mac has done wrong.  Regardless though,  I called up Mac today and explained the problem to see if there was anything they could do – adding that though my tracking information shows that Mac shipped it on April 7th, it is still showing “scheduled to be delivered April 14th” (while it is in fact April 22nd).

Without another word, my rep (Christian) had another software update sent to me at no charge via overnight Fed Ex and which I should receive in the next day or two.

The call was quick and painless, I was on hold for less than two minutes, my representative spoke perfect flawless English, and even though the problem is not likely on the side of Mac (or mine) they have corrected the problem and made me one very happy customer.

I have to say, I can’t remember when I have ever had customer service this excellent.  Even when the end result has been satisfactory (i.e. you get your refund, or product, or problem solved etc.) the process is usually frustrating and long and drawn out.

So, since I mostly feel like I have to rant and rave and complain about the world on this blog – today I was handed excellent customer service and I think they at least deserve to be recognized  – if only via my tiny inconsequential blog.  So – “Thanks Mac!”

If I had a job I’d go out and buy something new from Mac just to show my appreciation.  Unfortunately it will have to wait until the cash flows more freely into my pockets.  :)


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I like positive customer service stories. Mostly because that’s the industry I work in (I help that guy that answers the phone). Anyway, as a worker bee in the customer service/support industry, I have very, VERY high standards. And the only company that has consistently performed above my high mark has been DirecTV. Need a new HD dish? Free. Need to replace your old receivers? Here’s a free HD receiver. Been a loyal customer for 5 years? Here’s Showtime for a year. Free.

    And better yet, every time we call, they’re always nice and usually give us free stuff too. PPV coupons. HBO for a month. Billing charges reversed. Etc.

  2. kfugrip’s avatar

    I love the “customer is always right” attitude in companies I have to deal with. You know where the customer isn’t right? NY State Department of Labor. “Your call should be addressed in 20 minutes”. Crap.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    TK42ONE: Does anyone NOT like positive customer service stories? Of course they’re so freaking rare these days – how could we not be amazed and impressed by them. It’s funny that you have such great experience with Direct TV, I’ve never had it myself, but my parents do and have no end of troubles and frustrations with them.

    Adam: I know you’re secretly fighting your respect for Mac right now…don’t worry, we all know you’re impressed :)

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