Phase III Rejection Update



Another rejection.  I shouldn’t be surprised as this was for a highly competitive contest with significant prize money ($3k for first place).  Yet I find myself bummed and pissed regardless.  I’ve got another good place to send this particular story though, so it’s good to know it’s free to go out into the world and try again.

Updated Stats: 2 of 8 rejected, 6 still out there.

UPDATE: Ha! Eat that rejection, I’ve moved on from sadness over rejection and within 30 minutes resubmitted this piece elsewhere.  HA!  Updated UPDATED Stats:  2 of 9 rejected, 7 still out there.


  1. Shannon’s avatar

    I’m sat here with my morning coffee panning through my feeds and see a little (1) beside your blog. I excitedly click to read the latest installment and promptly burst out laughing at your opening line.

    Despite the fact that I laughed, I’m sorry for your rejection :(

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Shannon: :) Anytime I can get laughs I’ll take them – rejections or otherwise!

  3. Rock Lane’s avatar

    Really a nyce works. Congratulations!

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