Rejection Phase III Update (yes, again)


Sonofabitch part deux.

That’s right folks.  More goddman rejections.  At least they’re coming through fast so I can get back to revise and resubmit.  Of course, since I’m about to engage in Query Letter Hell, it’s a bit harder on the ego to get short fiction rejections.  Let me just show you how that looks:

“Oh woe is me…if nobody even wants my short fiction who the hell is going to want my giant possibly too long novel?!  Oh. My. Gods.  Someone bring me razor blades!”

Yeah, it’ll look something like that.

For those of you keeping score (you sadists):

Phase III Rejection Stats:  3 of 9 rejected.  6 still out there.

At least five newish stories are still cooking in the old brain…hoping to be born onto paper (or at least finished).  I came up with a brilliant idea the other night that I totally stole from something Tina Fey said (not to me obviously…well, maybe she said it to me through the TV…).  Anyway, even Adam wants to steal it, that’s how good it is.  Now to get it down…no problem.  Yeah right.