And The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

I wanted to blog about this both because it’s crazy and because I’ve been getting so involved lately in blogging about comics and their continual misogynistic portrayal of women (which for some reason go hand in hand – yay world!), but there’s been a lot going on and I haven’t gotten to it.  However, I see today that Jezebel and io9 did it (and better than I could have hoped to anyway), so I’m just going to link to them.  Make sure to follow the link so you can read about the following:

1.  Contests that women are ineligible to enter (what is this 1909?!)

2.  The L.A. Times being so freaking out of touch with youth culture (and comics specifically) that they should be taken out into the street and shot.

Yay world.  You go.


  1. k’s avatar

    wow, that’s all i can say.

  2. TK42ONE’s avatar

    Oh, where to start with this one. Clearly whoever came up with the contest and whoever wrote the LA Times piece is a dumbass. I’ve loosely followed cons for years and must say women make up a decent percentage of attendees. And while it makes me sound like a perv, women make a much better Princess Leia than some hairy fat guy. Hell, they make better Stormtroopers too.

    But I also have a problem with people (women included) who continue to bash the stereotypical WASP man. We’re not all bad. It’s the dumbasses that make up contests just for men that make us look bad. It’s the dumbasses that publish a convention guide for women that make us look bad.

    So while these dumb-dumbs deserve anger directed at them, try not to hit any innocent bystanders. You know, those fat hairy nerdy guys that go to cons to stare at all the hot women in cosplay outfits. Who cares about Jake whats-his-name and his abs.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    k: I know. It’s hard to believe some of this shit goes on. Especially with blogs and ‘internet reporting’ or whatever you want to call it, I don’t know how any of these people think they’d get away with something so inane.

    TK42ONE: I mean, I get that women aren’t some huge percentage of attendees as you look at stats on con attendance (just like they aren’t a huge percentage of mainstream superhero comic readers) but they have been out there for just years and the numbers get higher all the time and it’s just I don’t know…it’s driving me nuts.

    As for blaming the kind of anonymous white male. I try not to do that since I love and live with an anonymous white male, but it’s hard. Because you know that’s who fucked this up. Only anonymous white males (likely Americans) have enough privilege not to think of the ramifications of something so crazy as denying a gender entry to a contest. But I try to remember that it’s not ALL of you, just SOME of you that are stupid :)

    I LOVE Jake Gyllenhall (sp?). Although I’ve realized he reminds me a little of an ex friend of mine that I used to have a crush on and since there is sadness and bad memories attached to that my enjoyment has been lessened of late :(

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