Review: PS Comics

ps comics cover

P.S. Comics.  Melanie “Minty” Lewis.  Fiction – Graphic Novel/Comics

I picked this up totally randomly last week at the comic book store.  And it’s a great little book.  And completely what I was in the mood for.  I’m also glad I purchased it because these are the kind of books that I want (need!) to survive in comics.  Totally off the beaten path, with good, but ‘affordable’ production design (i.e. no color), etc.

After doing a little research I found that Lewis’ P.S. Comics started as mini-comics (I suppose self published) and have gained enough awards and recognition to make the leap to full blown book in local comic stores – which is fantastic.  Lewis’ issue #4 of the original mini-comic even won an Ignatz Award for ‘outstanding mini-comic’.

Lewis’ stories are mostly simple little tales that reveal tiny but important truths and are told via unconventional narrators – fruit, dogs, cats, and sometimes even humans.  My favorite tale of hers (available to read on her website if you’re so inclined) was about salt and sugar falling in love.  Their friends (pepper and coffee) of course make things a bit difficult for them, but their love prevails…at least for a little while.  It’s a great little story and I smiled all the way through.  Her dog and cat stories are good as well, but I personally found myself drawn more to her fruit stories – perhaps because I identified with poor apple – but that’s a whole other post.

Regardless, this is a great little book, and I encourage anyone that likes independent comics, or is looking to discover something new, to pick up P.S. Comics.

3.5 Stars