Daisy Of Love…That’s Right, I Said, DAISY OF LOVE.


Okay, so it’s confession time.

When I saw that Daisy, the “loser” from Rock Of Love was getting her own (appropriately titled) show Daisy Of Love I subjected Adam to at least a five minute rant about the downfall of society and more importantly women.  That rant surely included some version of the following “since when is it rewarded (with both money and recognition) to have no real redeeming qualities except sluttiness (and for that matter since when is ‘slut’ a redeeming quality) blah blah blah.”  All said while standing on my soapbox and making the world safe for sanity again.

Who knew I could be so wrong (and/or would fall so far from my soap box-y pedestal)?

Because while in a way Daisy’s show is just as bad as all the other dating reality shows that masquerade as being about love, but are really just about trying to outwit or out wait a handful of other morons for a cash prize, but in another way it’s kind of a good show.

And I think I’ve figured out why…let me break it down for you all scientific like.

1.  Despite the fact that Daisy is actually hard to look at (honey – please stop bleaching that broken hair and get a new weave while you’re at it; learn the roles about removing at least one accessory – or 12 – before you leave the house; and stop whatever botox shit you’re doing to your face/lips) she’s actually pretty likable and entertaining.  She’s certainly no rocket scientist, but she’s kinda sweet. It’s like she’s aware she’s not too smart and that in many ways she’s a parody of herself, but she just kinda shrugs her shoulders and goes, “well, this is what I got…so here we go.” There’s something honest and almost endearing about it.  Yes, I can’t believe I wrote that either.

2.  Additionally, unlike Bret Michaels and New York, who are clearly in it for the money (and fame) and are supremely unlikeable to boot, and Flava Flav who is supremely likeable but hard to take seriously, I believe that Daisy IS actually looking for love.  I doubt she’s stupid enough to think she’d find real love on TV, but to her surprise I think (and the viewers) she has a legitimate connection with at least one of the dudes and it’s kind of refreshing to watch.

3.  In shows like this, you spend more time with the contestants than the “star” and I have to admit that I’m finding Daisy’s dudes far more palatable than the usual skank fest that happens on Rock of Love and Flava (sorry to sell you out ladies – I recognize I’m a traitor if it’s any consolation).  But on the feminist side of things (yeah, I know feminism anywhere near this post is a stretch) there’s very little female objectification going on with Daisy’s show because she’s the only woman.  Instead it’s all about male objectification, which I don’t like to encourage as it’s just as wrong on some level, but considering how rare it is in comparision, there’s something almost progressive about it.  Like I said, progressive and feminism are a stretch in this post…but stay with me.

4.  Daisy has ended up a with a strange mixture of freaks and the meatheads that probably beat them up in high school which adds an extra fun element to watching them interact. Despite that strange mix though there are less unwarranted betrayals, conniving, and backstabbing than the shows stacked with female contestants.  Don’t get me wrong there’s still tons of drama (both manufactured and genuine) but it’s generally less gross than watching what the women contestants say and do to one another.  It’s also WAY more fun to watch these self proclaimed rock star badasses and tough guys crumble like little babies in the confessional after getting dumped by Daisy – it’s waterworks and blubbering oh my!

Daisy Of Love Contestants

5.  Lastly, unlike the unlikely pairings that resulted from Flava of Love and Rock of Love (I have no idea who ended up with the horror show that is New York) I could actually see Daisy with a guy or two from this show.  I’m sure it won’t work out that way as we all know real life has nothing to do with reality TV (there’s only one successful TV pairing ever, right?) but you really can see her falling for a guy on here (if you’re watching the show it’s obvious who) and legitimately trying to date him after the show.  And so it’s nice to see something at least CLOSER to real on reality TV for once.

So, now that I, a self-proclaimed hater of the majority of reality TV, has confessed to loving one of the worst kind of reality shows out there, I hope I’ll be able to sleep at night.

* Sadly of note is that this picture is the only non-exploitative, non over the top non naked/ridiculous picture I could find of Daisy in about nine pages of google web search.  This does not bode well for my liking of this show…but I guess I knew that already. On the plus side, she kind of looks like she’s doing an impression of a Chimp…hanging from the bars of her cage…which is sorta cool.


  1. Holly’s avatar

    Since we’re admitting our love for Daisy of Love here, I have to admit that I’m on the “Daisy Train” too. I feel, however, that the show is less about her than the men fighting for her ultimate affection. Therefore, she is infinitely more bearable than if the she were on the show for most of the time.

    And, yes, I love London and was giddy with excitement upon his return.

  2. thetruthalwayshurts’s avatar

    I couldn’t really agree more with you on this :D!
    I just wrote something in my blog about something like this: http://itaspeaks.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/12-pack-of-love/

    check it out if you want.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Holly: Yeah, we’re united in our confessional love here. Did you see the finale? I felt a little rewarded – because they TOTALLY seem like they are legitimately into each other. Time will tell… :)

    thetruthalwayshurts: Thanks for stopping by. You’re probably right about 12 Pack – he’s almost deserving of his own show at this point. I doubt I’d watch, but he’s totally filled the requirements. He was SO surprised to go home first last week – I did feel bad for him – only for a second – but still.

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