A Post About Shorts And Supergirl…You May Think You Know Where I’m Going With This…But Read It Anyway…

supergirl shorts

Supergirl with her new shorts (above)

So I’ve been reading all the Supergirl’s shorts posts and posts and posts – there was even a bit about it on NPR apparently – and I wasn’t adding to the discussion because frankly, it’s been very well covered.  Also, I agree with the majority opinion (at least what I’ve read – I’ve not polled any actual fanboys to see if they disagree) that the shorts are a WAY overdue addition to Supergirl’s costume.

supergirl no shorts

For the uninformed – some wise men at DC have finally stated that they never want to see Supergirl’s panties again – thus she wears red biker shorts under her skirt from now on.  See image above in which Superman’s line of thinking is probably something like this:

“Oh, crap, gee, this is really uncomfortable, I’m supposed to be a hero for the entire planet and now I can see right up my teenage cousin’s skirt and I’m looking at her underwear and OHMIGOD is that her teenage lady parts? Crap…and I’m not looking away…crap…this went bad fast…mental note to never fly behind…or below her again…even in battle…crap – I’m still looking!”

Maybe I’m overstepping, in part because I’ve never been a true Supergirl fan, so I don’t feel like mine should be the voice of changing her, but aren’t the shorts – though totally a step in the right direction – still just a drop in the bucket?

birds and lady bits Birds…meet Supergirl’s lady bits!

I mean WHY THE HELL IS SHE WEARING A SKIRT AT ALL?  Honestly, I know it sounds petty but this is the single biggest reason I’ve never been able to be a true fan of Supergirl and take her seriously…what kind of superheroine wears a skirt to fight crime in?  Especially when one of your most valuable powers is the ability to fly.  How does this make any sense?!

Now I’m sure there are some purists out there that love Supergirl and feel that without the skirt she’s just not Supergirl, but c’mon. This costume was a mis-design from go…it might have made some sense forty years ago (though I doubt it) but it’s time to update.  REALLY update.  No self-respecting superheroine, especially one that by modern standards is relatively modest would be caught dead fighting crime in a miniskirt.  Plus, what’s progressive about a miniskirt anyway?  If you’re trying to get the teens to sit up an pay attention a flow-y miniskirt is not the ticket.  Let’s really take things to the next level and ditch the skirt…entirely.  In fact, let’s look at Project Rooftop’s recent request for a Supergirl redesign for inspiration.

Ross Campbell Supergirl

My personal favorite by far is Ross Campbell’s hardcore badass Supergirl (see above), I know the purists would likely have my (and Ross’s head) but it’s a step in the right direction if you ask me.  If you’re not ready for it then there are a few other skirtless examples on Project Rooftop, and even those that still employ the skirt, do so in a much more modest, practical, and updated way.

But still I say, let’s just slightly update this awesome cry from



Our girl deserves it.  I might even start reading her books.


  1. ross’s avatar

    thanks again for the inclusion! i’ll do a new, even better one, i promise! maybe with pants…? 😉

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    ross: How can you do one better than this? The short cape, the fingerless glove, the boy shorts, the mohawk – it’s perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing.

    plus I love this color scheme…it’s Supergirl but it’s also somehow all new.

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