1979 Semi-Finalist featured on Pop Candy

Darwyn Cooke New Frontier

Hey all you Comic fans, Pop Candy fans, and 1979 Semi-Finalist fans – check out Pop Candy, which linked to 1979 Semi-Finalist today for the 100 Best Comic Covers post.  Anytime I can get featured on Pop Candy by the delightful Whitney and mentioned in the same article as Jeffrey Brown, the world is a very very good place.  Thanks Whitney!  And welcome to any newcomers that stop on in. I hope you stay a while.  :)

Kelly aka 1979 Semi-Finalist


  1. severnyproductions’s avatar

    hands reaching to the stars. great imagery

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Yeah, it’s great right? Such a cool retro feel to it. I always love Darwyn Cooke’s stuff.

  3. dan’s avatar

    cool site, love the list. I lived in Savannah ’98-’99, did you hang at Pinky Masters at all?

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Hey Dan, Thanks! I was in Savannah in 98/99 though I wasn’t at Pinky Masters much – a few times with a friend. I spent more time at Bar Bar and Chucks (though I’m not making an argument they’re better)…I actually really liked Pinky Masters the few times I was there – but it somehow never became “my bar”…might have been a location issue as I lived on the island, not downtown…

    I hope you’ll come back!

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