Ah, My Life Will Soon Be Happiness Again…

But no, I can’t tell you when, because though Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has released a preview trailer for Season 4 of The Venture Brothers, there is still no official premiere date.  Check out the trailer though – it’s awesome.

Venture Brothers

If you don’t know about The Venture Brothers then this trailer will only confuse the hell out of you…well, even if you know The Venture Brothers it might confuse the hell out of you, but you’ll be used to it, because you’re used to the random awesome magic of…The Venture Brothers.  Nice circle logic I did there, huh?  If you watch until the end of the trailer you’ll automatically go into the next video which is The Venture Brothers creators talking at the San Diego Comic-Con Panel…and it’s pretty funny in its own right.

On thing to note, that panel is looking very man heavy…it sure looks like you guys could use some strong female writers…and um, just so you know…yes, I’m available.  :)

There are also some great stills from Season 4 (among other awesome posts) on Jackson Publick’s blog Publick Nuisance – check it out.


  1. kfugrip’s avatar

    I wasn’t able to watch the SDCC (or is it CCI) footage of Jackson Publik and Doc Hammer but the Venture Bros preview looks great. Venture Bros and Big Love are my favorite shows.

  2. k’s avatar

    can’t wait!

    HBO owns me, too many good shows, I love them all.

  3. Chad Dashington’s avatar

    I’m so glad you posted that. I can’t wait now.

  4. eowyn324’s avatar

    They’ve posted a release date!! Oct. 18th on adult swim at midnight! Super Good! 😀

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