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So I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while, but I’ve been kind of swamped (you know, jobless, but somehow still full of commitments) and so I’m finally getting to it today – just in time to promote the premiere episode in New York this weekend during New York’s Craft Beer Week.

First things first, if you’re going to be in New York on Sunday, September 20th, you should come out and see the Beer Quest Premiere at the Studio Square Beer Garden in Queens (full details at the bottom of the post).

Beer Quest, is the brainchild of Kieran Valla and my good friend Jonathan LaPearl, both young independent filmmakers with east and west coast sensibilities, and an obvious mutual love for great beer.

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Beer Quest is a show that features the people behind the micro brews.  It’s part documentary, part comedy and part travel show and it strives to provide a rich cultural and geographical experience for viewers.  The show travels to various regions, exploring the history and landmarks of each location they visit, along with sampling all the local beers.  The premiere episode is a salute to NYC – featuring Brooklyn Brewery and Sixpoint Craft Ales among others.  Beer Quest is currently being marketed as a TV series, and this is your opportunity to get on board before everyone finds out about it.  Finally, this is your chance to be the guy that knows FIRST!  :)

Along with the premiere of Beer Quest there will be over 40 beers on tap, live music, and a raffle – I’m not sure you can go wrong.

For more on Beer Quest, Mr. LaPearl, and Mr. Valla visit:

You can also friend Beer Quest on Facebook so that you never miss an event.



35-33  36TH STREET



TWO SHOW TIMES – 4:00pm and 8:00pm – BUT BEER ALL THE TIME.


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    I hate beer and I’m not in New York, but I like shows like this. They teach you about something most people know little about and they have fun along the way. Is this something that’s going to make it to network TV? I’m pretty sure it would be better than some of the cooking shows on Food Network (although two guys can’t quite compete with Giada DeLaurentis).

  2. Olivier’s avatar

    “east and west coast sensibilities” What does that mean?

    Looks nice though. The best are not in the US though.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    TK42ONE: I think it definitely deserves to make it to TV and they’re certainly working hard to make it be so, if only I was in charge of such things. I think it would be a great show for Food Network, Discovery, or the Travel Channel. I suspect it might fit in best on The Travel Channel, but I think Food Network could use it the most (I love some of their programming, but some of it feel really really stale and rehashed to me at this point). I think their show could also be a nice fit on some of the “man networks” like Spike TV and G4.

    Oliver: Well, I took that line from their bio/press release, and I assumed it to mean that they have lived and/or were educated on both the east and west coasts. Which, having lived for almost five years of my adult life in NYC and five plus years of my adult life in LA, I can confidently say are very different sensibilities and perspectives.

    The show, if picked up would travel the world.

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