The Good Wife is Great

cbs the good wife

I’m personally invested in The Good Wife being successful (Adam is working for the show) so you should know that upfront, but that little detail out of the way I can honestly say that The Good Wife is far and away the best new show I’m watching this year.

The first episode was great, the second episode was even better, and as I realized it was Tuesday today (through the joys of unemployment I didn’t realize it until about 2pm) I got all excited that The Good Wife was on tonight – which is a sure sign that I’m loving it – even more than I realized.  And quite frankly, it’s been a long time since I felt that way about any network show other than 30 Rock or The Office…a really long time.  So I’m excited.

If you’ve missed the first few episodes you can watch them in full online and catch up.  Do it, seriously, it’s good stuff.