We Got A Shitty V Remake…Why Can’t I Have A Highlander Series Remake?

Highlander Adrian Brody

And don’t laugh.  I’m dead serious.  Well I am serious…but you can laugh.

I caught an episode of this on late night Sci-Fi (no, I’m not writing Syfy) recently and all I could think is ‘why the hell am I getting a shitty V remake?  Why can’t I have a shitty Highlander remake instead?’

I had such a super sized crush on Duncan McCloud (and Adrian Brody ACK! Paul, ADRIAN PAUL…officially no more posts at 2am…thanks to reader David for the catch)*.  Plus, the Highlander concept was so awesome I totally didn’t want to be an organ donor for (well, an embarassingly long time) because “WHAT IF I WAKE UP A HIGHLANDER AND SOMEONE HAS ALREADY HARVESTED MY DAMN EYES!?!?!?”

Anyway, let this serve as my official plea for a hot Highlander remake.  I’m sure I’m not the first…the internet is vast and filled with fools like me.  Also, the less said about Highlander: The Raven, the better.  Amanda was always so annoyingly blech when she should have been made of 100% win.

*And don’t get on me about how the movies are better, or how dare I leave them out.  Some embarrassed part of me loves the Highlander movies too (it lives just to the left and down of the part of me that loves the TV Series) but pound for pound Adrian was just way more sexy and interesting to me as Duncan than Christopher Lambert ever was as Connor .


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    I love the new “V”! Probably because I was too young to remember the old “V.” 😉

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    Lead Character: Hey there. I’m mostly too young to remember the old V as well – though I indulged in watching huge campy chunks of it two weekends ago (pre the V premiere) to bring myself more fully up to speed.

    My issue is primarily the cliche characters and overly earnest writing/dialogue. I think, as I said, that the concept remains, as was then, fantastic. But a good concept is not enough to get me over the bad writing and dated characters – not to mention the mediocre at best effects.

    I read your review – and I’m glad you like it – and it doesn’t mean you have no taste – just that we all have different tastes :) Though I suspect if you’re not much of a sci-fi fan in general perhaps some of the tropes and more obvious sci-fi plot devices feel more fresh to you than some of us who are feeling very ‘been there, done that’.

    I hope it keeps working for you. It’s definitely not a show for me, but it sounds like overall it got good ratings – I guess the next two weeks will determine how much the viewership falls off (or not). My concern for you, is that in your review you talk about a great unfolding plot, and knowing what I know about the original series, and seeing what they’ve already presented in the first hour…I don’t see much room for them to maneuver…unless they take it in an entirely new direction, which so far they don’t seem to be doing (although it might be a good way to save it and do something new and different with it).

    Most importantly however though – how do you feel about a HIGHLANDER remake? :)

    Thanks for commenting.

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    Unfortunately, I do not remember much about Highlander, either, although I remember more about it than V. I’m from the Philippines and I doubt the original V got popular here. I’m pretty sure, though, that Highlander was very popular here.

    I used to work for a local film company and a Highlander remake was actually discussed by our bosses (not that we were making it, but that they were open to the idea of it being remade by Hollywood).

    Yes, I really love the concept of V. I thought the special effects were very good; kind of felt like a feature film for me, even. But I do get what you mean by the poor writing. Even if I’m not that heavily exposed to sci-fi, I did note the predictability of Erica’s partner being a V. I realized it the moment that intense guy revealed to the word-of-mouth group that the Vs have been there all along, posing as humans, that their reveal was just the final stage of their plan.

    Overall, I really enjoyed it. And I would like a Highlander remake just so I’d know what it is all about. My ex-boss was a huge fan. :)

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    I’ve got a problem with this. You said Highlander movies, with an ‘S’, as in plural. There is only one Highlander movie that is worth a damn and that is the first one. The rest are complete garbage. As it is, Highlander is a guilty pleasure of mine, but the opening shot at the wrestling match where we track to Connor MacLeod sitting in the crowd was the money.

    There can be only ONE!

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Lead Character: Well I hope V continues to deliver for you – I know a lot of people that that thought it was great – actually when I think about it – people seem kind of dead center split on it – love it or hate it.

    Adam: Well I have two arguments to defend myself.

    1. While I agree that the other Highlander movies are shit and only number one can remotely be called a “decent film”, I would have a pretty hard time arguing that Highlander the Series is as good as the film (I think it isn’t though it’s been a long time since I’ve seen much of either) and though I enjoyed watching some of an episode the other night…I couldn’t effectively argue its merits. It’s a guilty pleasure for me that I like despite myself but I suspect on a point by point basis the series is more comparable to the later movies than to the first movie…so since I was arguing for making a remake…I figured it was better not to try to pretend that the series was some awesome untouchable thing…when it’s not. It had/has A LOT of problems…making it possibly more like the later films than the original.

    2. It was 2am when I wrote that post and I mostly wrote it so I could talk about my idea when I was a teenager that I didn’t want to be an organ donor because what if I was “teh Highlander!” :)

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    First of all, it’s Adrian Paul, not Adrian Brody. Adrian Brody won the Oscar for The Pianist. Adrian Paul won’t be winning any Oscars.

    Secondly, there is only one Highlander movie, but for my money the Series surpassed it. The character of Methos alone lifts the plot beyond just swordfights and mooning over dead girlfriends. Amanda was made of win, and I will brook no argument on the subject. If they had kept Tessa around and killed Richie instead, the show would have been perfect.

    I watched Highlander Endgame, praying that they would find a way to capture the magic of the Series. They failed. I didn’t even bother with The Source – the reviews told me all I needed to know. I can only hope that someday they find a nice Scottish actor who can wield a claymore and redo the Series with a focus on his earlier lives. Forget the present-day framing and just show us snippets of his life. Have recurring characters, but don’t make us suspend disbelief so much by having him randomly run into people he fought 300 years ago.

    Also, they could focus more on the struggles of changing identities every couple of decades when people notice you’re not aging. Most importantly, they need to plan ahead of time for a number of episodes they’re going to do, and work our way toward an end that culminates in the Gathering. Do it right this time. Build up some characters through the series that we love and some we hate, and then bring back some of them for a Battle Royale for The Prize. It would be awesome!

    Anyway, keep the faith, and use your bully pulpit (at CBR) to rally public support for this great idea. There can be only one!

  7. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Dave: Thanks for the catch – officially no more posting for me at 2am…I don’t know what I was thinking…I don’t even like Adrian Brody too much…no matter how many Oscars he gets…although I did love him in Darjeeling Limited…but I digress…

    We’re going to have to agree to disagree on Amanda. I never loved the way she was introduced and the lack of respect she showed for Duncan’s relationship with Tessa. And while she was a clever and very strong female character overall, she was always running away from fights, or having to get saved by Duncan…and it just never worked for me. It didn’t seem to fit the base of the character they were trying to create…and I also never fell in love with the actress…maybe in another actress’ hands I could have fallen for her? I think part of the problem was I just wanted her to be so much MORE.

    I don’t think I saw any of the films beyond #3. Preferring to keep the memory of the first one alive as much as possible I suppose :)

    I think your ideas for how to make a new series work are pretty good…in fact, I think perhaps YOU should be the one to take up this cause! I think I mostly just wanted to talk about how when I was about 17 I totally wanted to believe that there was some remote chance that I too could be A HIGHLANDER…destined for long life and greatness…and thus marked “no” on my donor card when I got my license…ah the folly of youth.

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    I too caught up on V over the weekend (still working on it though). And yes, I was too young when it first came out (got yelled at when I came out for a glass of water one night to sneak a peek).

    But, since we’re talking about remakes, why not something super-crappy like Viper? Or something decent like Witchblade? Or something old like Time Tunnel?

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