Huge Awesome Announcement

comics should be good

Hello fans of 1979 Semi-Finalist…and by extension…ME!

I got an amazing offer last week from Brian Cronin over at CBR’s Comics Should Be Good to start contributing to their fantastic and wildly popular blog.  I, of course giddily accepted, and so I’m going to be doing a regular column called ‘She Has No Head!’.  The column will run on Mondays and will discuss the fairly broad topic of ‘women in comics’ – ranging from real world women creators to female characters and beyond.

I’ll let everyone know when the first post goes up – but in the meantime – check out the awesome announcement Brian put up – and the Comics Should Be Good blog in general – which is fantastic with or without a column from little ole me.

Thanks for all the support everyone – I hope I can do it justice!



  1. Tara’s avatar

    AWESOME!!! Congrats, Kelly, that’s awesome!!:]

  2. Paul’s avatar

    Woo, nice new gig, Kelly! Lookin’ forward to it.

  3. TK42ONE’s avatar

    You know, if you keep this up, you’ll be too famous for the rest of us. Scratch that, you already are!

  4. Ben Cohen’s avatar

    YES! YES! YES!…I read comics should be good all the time. Other then what my friends (like you) have to say I trust only them and TCJ. I am so stoked for you and can’t wait to read you over there….this is so exciting. As I said over there, you have always had a need perspective and not been afraid to share it.

    Best of luck!


  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks for the congratulations and support everyone. I really appreciate it :)

  6. kfugrip’s avatar

    You’ll be rocking that ass to sleep and by “that ass” I mean Comics Should Be Good, and by “to sleep” I mean you will be successful.

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