First CSBG Column Is Up!


Please head on over to CBR’s Comics Should Be Good to read my first CSBG post.  Thanks for the support everyone!

~ Kelly


  1. thejamminjabber’s avatar


    Although, I feel like I have to comment on too many places for the same piece these days. Such is the internet, I guess…

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks. :) Well you certainly don’t HAVE to comment anywhere – and if you’re going to comment at all, I’d say one location (here or there, anywhere) is more than adequate.

    Speaking of commenting. I wanted to comment on your script the other day and I registered and everything, but it was a little unclear where I should comment (or if I should) as it seemed like the dialogue was more between people who’d read others scripts on the site…anyway, got confused and gave up. A for effort?

  3. thejamminjabber’s avatar

    Oh yeah, that was just for people to take a gander. Commenting is members only on that one. Thanks.

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    congratulations on the awesome first column!! i figured i’d comment here instead of there, although thinking about it now maybe commenting at CBR would be better and give your first outing a boost, i don’t know. don’t think i have anything to add to the discussion, though.

    except this funny Stumptown review, haha:

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